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The Top 3 Secrets Of Healthy Communication

When I met Alex, she was a healthy celeb who’d co-produced and starred in the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me. She was interviewed by Oprah on her couch, and had 4 best-selling books to her name…but there was a secret she was struggling with behind the scenes. She’d healed her body and helped so many […]

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This Always Makes Me Feel Poopy When I See it on Instagram

When I popped onto Instagram a few weeks ago and saw my feed full of July intentions, most of which were beautifully written out in vibrant colors against a backdrop of candles and bubble baths, I instantly starting “shoulding” all over myself. I immediately went from being in my day and enjoying the moment to […]

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End of Summer Intention

Here in the US we’re approaching the end of summer fast! Naturally this has brought up a lot of feelings for me, my YHY community and my clients. So I wanted to take a moment today to check in with you – how are you feeling? Has the summer been everything that you expected it […]

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Love Day Meditation

Try my girl Gabrielle Bernstein’s Love Meditation to release romantic illusions, overcome relationship fears and manifest that perfect partner in your life. Over the years Gabby has helped me and my partner deepen our relationship tremendously by helping me deepen my connection to myself. She’s a miracle worker, trust me.

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