Go With Your Gut

Go With Your Gut

The Insider’s Guide to Banishing the Bloat with 75 Digestion-Friendly Recipes

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If you’re like most women, you’ve been on the never ending quest for the “perfect” diet since you were a teenager, constantly trying to find the trick that will “fix” your body. You’ve sworn off all bread and carbs, skipped meals, tried to subsist solely on green drinks. You’ve maybe even taken a “supplement” that promised to help you lose those last 5 (or 10, or 15) pounds. Does this sound familiar? It’s sooo exhausting, right? Obsessions with weight, diet, exercise, and even health don’t have to be a part of everyday life. Anyone can change their relationship with food and their body. We need to slow down and learn to listen, and focus on what our symptoms—weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, bloating, indigestion, and constipation—are telling us. Through her health coaching practice, Your Healthiest You, Robyn Youkilis has helped thousands of women discover the real reasons why they feel like their bodies just aren’t listening to them, reconnect with that gut instinct, and learn how to make choices from that place of inner wisdom. In Go with Your Gut, you will get the what, why, and how of creating a truly healthy lifestyle. Each chapter includes a practice to reinforce Robyn’s simple, yet effective, lessons, such as “Breathe”, “Chew”, “Eat”, “Drink”, “Shop”, and “Shed,” plus over 75 healthy, easy, and insanely delicious recipes—from the Superhuman Breakfast to Chocolate Cake to homemade Sauerkraut. With these practices and recipes you will have everything you need to learn to listen to your body and love your life.

The insider’s guide to banishing the bloat with 75 digestion-friendly recipes.Book Media Package Download

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What Readers are Saying

I am completely in love with this recipe book! As a Women’s Health Coach, I constantly talk to my clients about the importance of having excellent gut health, especially when it comes to hormonal and reproductive function. Go with Your Gut breaks down the concept of gut healing into easy-to-understand practices that anyone can implement immediately. Robyn brings all of this together with 75 of the most delicious (gut-friendly) recipes, that will get you into the kitchen from the moment you buy her book

Nicole Jardim

In Go with Your Gut, Robyn offers all of her best tips, practices, and recipes to help readers change their relationship with food and their body. It is the perfect balance of practical and spiritual, information and action items. Robyn breaks down why a healthy gut is so important and how to clean up your gut and nourish your body with ease and while having a great time.

Stephanie Kirylych

I’ve been following Robyn for a while because I really enjoy her laid back be-healthy-but-eat-cake-at-the-party advice. She doesn’t err too strict but she’s not lax either. In this book, I particularly liked her emphasis on digestive health because so much is being discovered about the gut as both a central part of the body’s immune system as well as its surprising role in mood regulation. As a vegetarian I also liked that most of the recipes in Robyn’s book are plant-based, although she does offer some modifications. PS – Her detox salad is delicious. 🙂

Emily Bennington

Robyn’s book has it all: a smart, practical, sassy and simple guide to better gut health and overall radiance. If you’ve ever met Robyn in person, you’ll see that she just GLOWS! And as an active consumer of her social media, I was thrilled to finally get all her insider tips in one place. Let me tell you, it works. I attended Robyn’s book launch party and consumed :: several servings of sauerkraut, a bottle of kombucha, a couple “shots” of a ginger juice and two or three of her “jello probiotics” (all recipes in her book!) and, the next day, I felt the best I had in YEARS. I had a crazy, busy Friday, and then found myself at the gym after work, rocking a killer workout with a massive smile. There is something to this folks and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch on! Do yourself a favor, and read Robyn’s book. It’s a game changer.


It began as just a quick flip-through, and then I found myself reading this book cover to cover! Chock full of useful tips, yummy new recipes, and solid research, Go With Your Gut is as fun to read as it is informative, and even eye-opening. Robyn is the perfect blend of charm + wisdom, and the take-aways from her book is truly worthwhile. You’ll feel newly informed and empowered, and excited to get into your kitchen!

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