February 19, 2014

MixMyOwn – A fun make your own healthy breakfast company


Mix My Own is a fun make your own cereal or muesli mix company! They recently sent me a yummy bag to try and included some healthy eating tips and recipes for my Your Healthiest You readers. Enjoy!

7 Tips for Healthy Breakfasts

1.Don’t skip breakfast – skipping breakfast leads to snacking and overeating the rest of the day – muesli, granola or multi-grain flakes cereal is quick and easy and helps prevent snacking and overeating later in the day

2.Eat  enjoyable breakfast foods – looking forward to breakfast makes it less likely to be a meal that gets skipped – with over 100 ingredients and a variety of options, custom-mixed cereals from MixMyOwn.com give customers a variety of combinations with their favorite flavors

3.Avoid foods high in cholesterol and fat like fatty breakfast meats and fried eggs – whole-grain foods like muesli, granola or multi-grain flakes have little fat and almost no unhealthy cholesterol

4.Eat foods high in fiber – fiber prevents some fats from being absorbed by the body and reduces risk for heart disease – MixMyOwn.com’s custom cereals have up to 4 grams of fiber per serving.

5.Include protein – protein builds muscle and staves off hunger – muesli, granola or multi-grain flakes with nuts and whole grains can add significant protein without adding excess saturated fat; MixMyOwn.com’s Tutty Nutty premix contains 3.9 grams of protein per serving.

6.For fast, portable breakfast make your own smoothie – homemade smoothies can be drank while commuting to work and can contain fresh ingredients with less sugar and fat – muesli is a great smoothie ingredient as in this Banana Muesli Smoothie recipe from the New York Times.

7.Include superfoods – superfoods boost the immune system, aid with weight loss and lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer – favorite superfoods include nuts, seeds, berries, oats, and soy, all of which can be included in any custom cereal mix at MixMyOwn.com.

For more information about the advantages of custom cereal and MixMyOwn.com, please call Klara Charvatova at 702-354-1936 or send e-mail to [email protected] and tell them Robyn sent you!

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