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I’m a firm believer that a little bit of planning is the first step to getting the right foods on your plate.

I know that meal prep doesn’t have to feel like the scary, big thing that other people are capable of but you aren’t. You don’t have to do it all at once or lose half your weekend, and yes, it can even be fun.

Meal prep is all about having the foods you actually want to be eating ready for you, and feeling the ease and support that comes from that ripple into your daily life.

Think of that OMG moment when you open your fridge and it’s full of foods that are ready to go when you are. It’s the best feeling.

  • Do you want to start cooking more at home, but not sure where to start?
  • Does it seem like whenever you put together a plan for eating clean, it all just falls apart after a few days (or few hours)?
  • Are you ordering takeout or delivery for what feels like every night of the week?
  • Did you experience success with Whole30, 21Day Fix, Weight Watchers or another diet program in the past, but that feels so far from your current reality (and honestly, not sustainable for more than a few weeks)?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if making healthy meals came to you easily? If you could finally know how to turn the ingredients in your fridge into a plate of food you actually want to eat? What if you could finally stop worrying about how to put together your lunches and what you’re making for dinner tonight?

I am here to tell you that it IS possible to feel calm in your kitchen and confident in your ability to bring together a delicious (and healthy) meal in a matter of minutes.When you start to meal prep the Thin From Within way, eating the foods that support your gut health and weight loss goals becomes effortless. Plus, you’ll start to feel lighter in your belly, and your mind, within a few short days!


  • What Foods To Prep: The specific recipes and foods I meal prep each week when I’m wanting to reset my gut (that will also please the pickiest kid or partner).
  • 3 Insider Secrets: My 3 insider secrets to making meal prep something that you look forward to almost as much as the weekend itself.
  • What To Put On Your Plate At Every Meal: PLUS a deep dive into the Good Gut Rule of 5 that I teach in my  book, Thin From Within (i.e. what to put on your plate at every meal)


5 Video Trainings

Where I walk you through exactly what to buy and how to meal prep so you have the right ingredients on hand to eat delicious and nutrition meals (for every meal) without carving out hours of your weekend to do it. I take you inside my kitchen and share the tried and true strategies that work for me (as a busy mom and business owner) and hundreds of my clients. (Value: $147)

  • Chapter 1: Hear my story + why meal prep has become an essential part of my weekly routine, and what you’ll learn in this workshop.
  • Chapter 2: Get the blueprint for my “how to build a gut friendly plate” that works for every meal. 
  • Chapter 3: Learn what to keep in your kitchen so that your Good Gut Rule of Five meals come together EASILY.
  • Chapter 4: Learn how to quickly build your lunches (and dinners) based on the ingredients you’ve prepped. 
  • Chapter 5: Learn the key to making meal prep happen for you!

Resource 1: Thin From Within Workshop Recipes

All 14 of the recipes mentioned in the workshop available to you as a one-click download. (Value: $30)

Resource 2: 8 Ways to Make Meal Prep Fun Cheat Sheet

Meal prepping CAN be fun, when you do it the Thin From Within way. That is the feedback I am hearing over and over again from my workshop participants — that meal prepping is actually fun now! Learn exactly what they’re doing in this cheat sheet. (Value: $20)

Resource 3: 9 Meal Prep Shortcuts

The #1 reason people don’t meal prep is because they think it takes hours and hours. Not the Thin From Within way. Grab my 9 meal prep shortcuts that are KEY for making meal prep part of your weekly routine without adding hours of cooking to your schedule. (Value: $20)

Bonus Video #1: On The Go Ready

Being properly stocked with healthy snacks is another essential part of meal prep and in this video I’ll walk you through some of my favorites, plus what to look for if you’re buying packaged snacks. (Value: $20)

Bonus Video #2: Taking The Mystery Out Of Tempeh

Tempeh is one of my favorite protein options but I’ll admit… it can be a little intimidating! In this video I’ll take the mystery out of this vegetarian protein and show you my super simple seared tempeh recipe. (Value: $20)

Bonus Video #3: Power Parfait

My Power Parfait is what I have for breakfast most days of the week. It’s delicious, satisfying and you can make a fleet in advance so breakfast is ready when you are! Get the recipe and watch how easy it is to prepare. (Value: $20)

Bonus Resource 4: Robyn’s Top 10 Meal Prep Friendly Recipes

These are 10 of my favorite recipes from Thin From Within and Go with Your Gut that are perfect for meal prep! (Value: $30)


Here’s what you get in the complete Meal Prep Workshop:

  • 5 Video Trainings to learn exactly what to buy and how to meal prep
  • The Thin From Within Workshop Recipes
  • 8 Ways to Make Meal Prep Fun Cheat Sheet
  • 9 Meal Prep Shortcuts
  • Bonus Video: On the Go Ready
  • Bonus Video: Taking the Mystery Out Of Tempeh
  • Bonus Video: Power Parfait
  • Bonus Resource: Robyn’s Top 10 Meal Prep Friendly Recipes
  • Total Value of the Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop $307
  • Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop Normal Price: $97
  • Your Investment Today: Just $97


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We’re passionate about helping you eat healthier, every day of the week, stress free. We’re confident that if you take action and stay consistent, you’ll see health and your life transform. Join the Meal Prep Workshop and if within 30 days, you don’t believe that you’ve received value from the program, just email [email protected] and show us that you’ve watched the videos and implemented the exercises, and we’ll give you a full refund.


Since doing the workshop, my days are just easier! I have less stress in the mornings and when I get home from work just knowing there is prepped food in the fridge ready to go, is a game changer.

Stephanie Pearson

I am just starting meal prep for the first time this week! It is so easy and I feel more energy! Robyn’s style makes meal prepping less overwhelming and eating healthy fun and easy.

Sonja Rheaume

With Robyn’s tools, weekly grocery shopping is WAY easier! I used to view meal prep as a very long exhausting process of prepping many recipes in one night. It wasn’t something I could do sustainably from week to week. Now, I can do a little everyday. The Good Gut Rule of 5 is a major game changer for how I think about making a meal. As a new mom, Robyn’s approach is realistic for my crazy unpredictable schedule.

Laurence Beaudoin-Masse



Just 1 Payment of $97


The workshop has been a great reminder that it can be as simple as making one more tray of roasted veggies when I’m already baking or boiling eggs when I’m doing other meal prep. Robyn helps you to trust yourself, go with your gut, and feel at home in your body again.

Jayme Cline

Robyn’s system saves you time and money. My time is limited and Robyn makes every day meal prepping so simple to do. I love all the videos and that they are divided in five chapters. Sometimes, people get frustrated because they think is complicated to eat healthy and cook for yourself, but Robyn makes it simple and fun and that’s key!

Viviana Da Costa

I have so much more clarity on what should be on my plate at each meal! I made fermented radishes for the first time and branched out and tried other fermented foods like beets and carrots. I love Robyn’s tips on roasting veggies, her tempeh demo and how to work with greens. The videos are the perfect length and filled with tons of great tips.

Christine Choucair

I always pictured meal prepping as packing  all of your lunches for the week ahead of time, which I really don’t need to do because I work from home. Doing Robyn’s meal prep and having a bunch of different foods ready to go made it easy to make something that was healthy quickly.

Julie Cross

I have been craving far less sugar and my bowels are amazing (the greatest of my life!) Robyn could have been in my kitchen talking to me. She is so breezy and gets you excited about your gut… not something I’ve ever been excited about! Robyn makes this more of a lifestyle, not a diet. Some days we might not get to eat sauerkraut with our meals, and that’s ok!

Rachel Shapiro

Always prep two trays if you’re going to prep one has been a godsend! Having roasted vegetables at hand helps curb my snack cravings. My rule is that if I’m not hungry enough to have some vegetables, I’m really not that hungry at all and walk away. I’m loving the energy and empowerment I’m feeling so far!

Regan Bell

Robyn’s personality brought so much energy to the meal prep!  My stomach feels so much better! I am surprised at how much I love the Rule of 5 Plate and how easy it is to pull together those simple meals!

Samantha Melendez

The concept of simplifying my food is what I really took away from the video workshop. I always think in bulk RECIPES to have leftovers! But full on “recipes” are usually time consuming with too many components. I love how these are just individual foods, simply put together to make a meal, or many meals I should say. I love the idea of making a variety of individual things, separately. Like roasting different veggies i.e. root veggies, starchy veggies & cruciferous. And then put them together in a variety of ways to make multiple versions of the “Rule of 5” meals. That way you don’t get bored & can eat what feels right for you on each day, for each meal. Robyn is so natural & genuine, which makes you feel like you’re there with her.

Nina Pullella

I feel so much less stressed about meal prepping now. I was always worried I didn’t have time to do it, not knowing how much time it would actually save me. And Robyn is so real about making things as easy as possible!! The workshop is simple and elegant. It’s the right amount of time, super easy to follow and actually realistic. You don’t need to cook the fanciest things all the time to get the benefit of health. I already have shared some tips with my mom and family to get them on board with an easy healthy lifestyle. Robyn’s not trying to make everyone a crazy chef or trying the most intense recipes. Robyn makes things feel accessible even with my busy schedule.

Nikki Joan Smithson


Robyn Youkilis is an AADP Certified Health Coach, author, internationally renowned speaker,and leading expert in holistic digestive health. Robyn helps clients shed both physical and emotional weight through her coaching practice, Your Healthiest You, and through her best selling books, Go With Your Gut and Thin From Within. 

Not only will the beautiful recipes in this book nourish you from the inside out, but Robyn’s from-the-heart coaching methods will help you create a healthy spiritual relationship with food and yourself.

GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN  – Best Selling Author and Speaker

Robyn’s simple diet tweaks will make you feel lighter and brighter. This is a must read for people with bad food cravings! It’s time to bring your body and emotions back into natural balance.

VANI HARI  – Best Selling Author and Founder of

Robyn Youkilis has her finger on the pulse about what true and lasting weight loss is about. Not fad diets, not what celebrities are doing, not even counting calories. Once you truly understand your gut – and what it’s trying to tell you – you can start to shed those unwanted pounds and understand real healing from the inside out.

RAPHAEL KELLMAN, MD  – Author of The Microbiome Diet and The Whole Brain