March 22, 2017

“I won’t have dessert tonight (whether it’s ice cream OR raw dark chocolate).”

“Tomorrow morning I swear I’ll get my butt to the gym.”

“I’ll eat more salads.”

“I’ll start that juice cleanse on Monday.”

“I’ll say no to all the French fries my friends are enjoying at the table.”

All good intentions right? But what if I told you you’re going about this diet, detox, weight loss, “healthy” thing all wrong?

It’s not your fault, there’s a lot of people {and a whole lot of money} out there working to make you think that your low fat yogurt, whole wheat wraps, and green juice are healthy. That if you eat these foods and go to the gym and drink less alcohol that those extra 5 pounds {okay maybe 10, or 15} will magically dissolve, your breakouts will disappear, and you’ll finally stop feeling crazy around your mom’s lemon meringue pie.

I get it, I’ve been there.

“So what’s wrong with my green juice, Robyn? And if that’s not good for me, how do I know what I should be eating?”

If we want to be eating the right foods, and the right amount of those foods, for our own unique bodies, if we want to lighten the load on our digestive systems, if we want to stop feeling so unsure about our diet choices, we need to learn to FEED ourselves.

Let’s distinguish between “fed” and “full.” Full means you’ve eaten enough volume, or quantity, of food to meet physical needs. Fed means that you are getting the proper macro and micronutrients, enough quality nutrition, for optimal cell function. Yes, greens are a huge part of this equation, but there are other more dense, primal foods that will satisfy your body’s needs that we have gotten away from eating.

I’ll be sharing more about what these specific foods are (and what they most definitely are not!) during this free class: BEYOND CHEWING. This is the information no one in the holistic health world is talking about, and it’s likely the opposite of what you think you need to be focusing on.

Join me and over 1000 people already registered at 8PM EST // 5PM PST TONIGHT for a free online class: Beyond Chewing: overcome your crazy pants social eating habits, know what to eat no matter your diet, and find your own intuitive food voice.

Tonight you will learn these exact tools:

  • What foods you want really to be eating (and what they likely are and no this is not going to be another just cut out gluten and dairy convo). Spoiler alert: I’m going to be talking about a food that I’ve never recommended before.

  • How to manage eating in social situations – out with the girls, big family meals, date night with your spouse, lunches ordered in at the office – we’re going to cover the good, the bad, and the ridiculousness of it all.

  • What it means to be your own guru and how that can serve you in any scenario when it comes to food – eating in groups, endless cakes and cookies at the office, and having ZERO time to feed and nourish yourself the way you would like.

  • And more (really I can be a bit of a revealing wild card during these calls!)

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Can’t make any of the call times? Register anyways and we’ll send you the replay PLUS some additional insider info I won’t be gifting to anyone else. I’ll also be offering a *special* bonus just for those live on the call, so try to join us if you can!                         

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