September 28, 2015

Are you doing this in your kitchen?

Have you felt the energy in the air the past few days? From the Jewish holidays, to the change of seasons, and the beautiful full moon last night, there’s a lot of shifts going on this time of year!

Let’s ride that natural “shift” wave and carry the good energy over into the kitchen. You’ve gotten so many tips from me over the years (and if you’re new WELCOME!!), but I realize that there may still be mistakes happening in the cooking department that are making the whole healthy thing much harder than it needs to be. And I don’t want cooking to be hard for you – I want it to be FUN!

Here are the top three cooking mistakes that you may be making (and what to do to fix them!):

  1. All your knives are dull-ville – Honestly, I’m SO guilty of this, all my knives are insanely dull just because I get too lazy to get them properly sharpened by a professional! But having a quality, sharp knife makes chopping those crunchy veggies so much easier (and quicker!). You can order a sharpener online or find a someone locally – Google “knife sharpener,” contact a restaurant supply store or call your local kitchen store. Or, go buy a brand-spankin’ new knife! You are worth it.
  2. You don’t take the shortcuts – My clients ask me all the time: “Robyn, isn’t it cheating if I buy something pre-made?” and my answer is always “No, it’s SMART!” Pick the pre-cut veggies and pre-washed greens, keep your freezer stocked (cubed butternut squash, greens, shrimp), buy already-cooked rotisserie chicken (throw it in a pan with coconut oil, salt and pepper. Add some greens and you’ve got a delicious dinner in 5 minutes). These shortcuts often make the difference between being able to pull together a quick home-cooked meal and grabbing something you’ll regret on the way home.
  3. You under season – Healthy food does NOT have to mean bland food. I’ll repeat this again: food that is good for you should taste good too! My go-tos for amping up the flavor on any dish: Salt (yup, I said salt! High quality sea salt like Himalayan or Celtic is good for you – your cells need it to function properly, it packs important minerals and actually keeps your body hydrated), freshly ground black pepper, Italian seasoning blend, and curry powder. Most of the time I just use S&P and coconut oil and that’s it! Be very generous with herbs and spices – you usually need more than you think!

Have a feeling you need a little more support to make these shifts [and more] in the kitchen?

Join me for “WTF With Your Gut?!”                        

A One Day NYC Immersion / Sunday, October 18th 10AM – 4PM East Village, NYC

During this special one day experience you will learn:                       

  • How to stock your pantry and fridge with good-for-your-gut foods       
  • My favorite quick and easy recipes for Fall
  • The absolute latest info on the healthy you market – what’s valuable and what’s ignorable
  • And most importantly – what and how to cook for your healthiest you!                                                         

Check out all the details here and reserve your spot today {space is very limited as this is a highly personalized and intimate event!} and then invite your BFFs to join!

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