Beat Overwhelm and Get Back to FUN Class Recording

Thanks to everyone for joining the Beat Overwhelm and Get Back to FUN free class! I always leave so energized and inspired just by being with all of you! So thank you again!

If you couldn’t join us live, we’ve got you covered with the recording.

What people are saying about this class:

“Hi Robyn! Wow, I’m listening to the Get Back to Fun free class and already I feel 10 pounds lighter,  like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you so much for sharing your personal stories (I seriously laughed out loud at the one about you and Scott) and for the practical tools I can use to bring more fun into my everyday life. I know this is different from anything else I’ve tried before because I’m actually excited to DO your suggestions! Thanks again!”

Click here to listen to the class recording.

Note: To download the mp3 file, right click on the audio player and click “Save Audio As.” Then you can choose where you’d like to save the file.


Here are the highlights:   

  • I share a straightforward tool for dumping overwhelm so that you can feel more calm and focused in even the most busy times of your life.
  • I explain why this one word may be keeping your stuck, and how dropping it will instantly have you feeling 10 pounds lighter in your body and in your mind.
  • I teach you the most important piece of any vision, goal, or self improvement plan and HOW to bring that into your life in a major way {with a pretty shocking tip that no one else in the wellness world is suggesting}.

During the class I also announced that we’ve opened up a few more spots in my high-level group coaching experience, Thin From Within.

You might be thinking, “What does it actually mean to be thin from within, Robyn?”

Awesome question.

It means…

  • Waking up feeling genuinely happy almost every day.
  • On the rare day you wake up feeling heavy and bleh, acknowledging that it’s just part of your journey, rather than going into a downward spiral.
  • Feeling and looking amazing in your body, even when you do say yes to the big cinnamon roll with your almond milk latte.
  • Treating your body well and knowing what you need to eat most of the time to feel light and energized.
  • Finally being able to release guilt… even when you overeat or snap at your husband.

Weight gain, icky bloating, and chronic health issues are symptoms of being disconnected from your body. When you’re cut off from our gut (intuition), emotional and physical weight builds up.

Thin From Within is what you need to let that sh*t gooo.


DOORS ARE OPEN, and spaces are limited. Plus, we’re currently offering an extended payment plan for the next 24 hours ONLY.

Taking massive action leads to massive results.
Applications close Friday, and we start on January 18th.

Learn more and submit your application here