“Should You Do IIN?” Q&A Call Recording

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How I decided that IIN was the right program for me, and how I continue to make important business (and life!) decisions to this day.
  • The career opportunities available to you as a certified health coach, and the different (and creative) ways I’ve made money as a coach over the past decade.
  • My #1 recommendation for anyone considering a career in health, wellness, or personal development.

Enroll in IIN before February 28th, 2021 and save up to 35% off tuition ($2,200)!

  1. Call (877) 780-5748 (US) or (212) 730-5433 (International) and say that Robyn Youkilis sent you! That’s it!
  2. We’ll receive a notification when you enroll and will send you some special bonuses.

Have questions about the program not answered on the webinar? In the Q&A video below we talk more about the time commitment, what you can expect from the curriculum, if you can do the program internationally, the financial investment, career options as a health coach, and more.