September 21, 2015

Are You Making These Mistakes? [PLUS Upcoming NYC Event!]

How’s everyone’s belly feeling? How did the summer treat you? How are you feeling in your body? I’ve gotten A LOT of emails and comments on social media saying my peeps are back to school, back to routines, and unfortunately back to feeling like sh*t a lot of the day. That’s no fun!

So today I wanted to address what you might be doing that you THINK is good for your digestion but are sadly all wrong (and could be the culprits behind bloating, gas, and other ick feelings).

Here are the 3 biggest digestion mistakes you might be making:

  1. You chug water with meals – Drinking water during meal time (or even snack time!) dilutes your gastric juices (especially your HCL, the acid in your stomach). Aim to finish a beverage 30 minutes before each meal and wait an hour after before drinking more. Filling yourself up on water (or other liquids) will not help you feel full, save it for in between.
  1. You think a salad a day will save the day – Your digestive system likes to be kept warm to be working at its best (hence the term “digestive fire”). Try swapping soup (like my Healing Greens Soup) for your standard salad or incorporate some simple steamed or roasted veggies with meals and notice how you feel afterward.
  1. You take the wrong probiotics – A product may advertise as being high in probiotics without actually having the live cultures you need. What about your fat-free Greek yogurt with packaging that tells you it’s “loaded with probiotics” you say? It may be, but it’s also most likely loaded with excess sugar and not nearly a fraction of actual probiotics they claim to contain. If you are taking your probiotics in pill form, be aware that not all supplements are created equal. Most mainstream market supplements are heated improperly and are not from a high-quality, trusted source. I recommend taking a quality probiotic or, better yet, get your probiotics from live foods like sauerkraut!

Thing you might be missing the mark in more areas when it comes to how well you’re digesting your food? Have a gut feeling that something in your diet is not agreeing with you? I want you to feel freaking fantastic this fall so I created a unique one-day workshop experience to help you dive deep and identify what is working (and what definitely isn’t) with your food and your body.

During this special one day experience you will learn:

  • What’s making your belly and body feel so bad (or even just meh)
  • My secrets to optimal and easy digestion to have you going #2 like a PRO!
  • The absolute latest info on the healthy you market – what’s valuable and what’s ignorable
  • And most importantly – what and how to cook for your healthiest you!

Join us for “WTF With Your Gut?!”

A One Day NYC Immersion

Sunday, October 18th 10AM-4PM, East Village, NYC

In addition to the full day immersion, you’ll also receive the following bundle of resources to take home with you: YHY Shopping List, Fresh for Fall Recipe Booklet, and my 3-Day Digestive Cleanse PLUS an option to join my *new* YHY Membership Program.

Check out all the details here and reserve your spot today {space is very limited as this is a highly personalized and intimate event!}

What’s the biggest digestive mistake you’ve made? Let me know in the comments below!

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