Meet Emily

Emily Nachazel, senior health coach with Your Healthiest You, is a Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Instructor and Universal Health Principles practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York.

Over the last 4 years, Emily has coached hundreds of clients under Your Healthiest You, both 1:1 and through The Rockstar Coaching Collective.  

She has a passion for making wellness digestible and FUN. She’s learned first hand through her own journey with digestive issues that being healthy and happy is a lot more than just eating kale and quinoa. It’s about creating practices in your daily life that nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Prior to becoming a coach, she was a CPA and worked as an auditor at a big four public accounting firm, while teaching yoga and writing her blog at night. She knows what it’s like to have a full schedule and is ​all about helping you find your own definition of a balanced plate, both literally and figuratively.

Whether you’re simply looking to cook more meals at home, want to start meditating and practicing yoga, or you’re going through a big life change and need someone to support and guide you along the way, it’s so much easier (and way more fun!) to do so with a coach.


When we started working together, I had dreams of starting my own coaching business (which I did!) but also wanted to improve some of my own food and life habits. Especially when you’re a coach, it’s all connected. Through working with Emily, I was able to reconnect to my self care practice, which set the ground for me having the confidence and energy to move forward with my business.

I’d describe Emily as a mindset coach. Yes, she helped me a lot with the practical things (strategies for getting back into my meditation practice, tips around eating healthy while being around not-so-healthy food every day at my job, resources for launching my own podcast) but more than anything else she’s helped me shift my mindset. I’m so much kinder to myself. I also feel empowered and excited to step into this next phase of my career and life.


Having accountability of working with Emily 1:1 was a game-changer. Through our sessions, I was able to create real, lasting healthy habits – I’m drinking more water, making healthy snack choices, and taking more time to check in with myself before meals. I’ve tried different things to make these changes in the past, but nothing ever fully stuck.

With Emily’s support, I also did an elimination diet – something I’d be wanting to do for awhile but never created the time and space for. It was a great way to strengthen my connection to my intuition and get a better sense for which foods were causing my digestive issues.

The biggest tangible change I’ve noticed since working with Emily has been that I’m more mindful with my food choices. The actual choice may not change, but I’m checking in with myself and that feels empowering.

I’m looking forward to continuing with Emily and Robyn in the Rockstar Coaching Collective and learning more about myself with this community!


There was a time when I felt stressed and anxious thinking about all the things I wanted to do, but not feeling like I could take action towards them. I had dreams but thought “I can’t” and “There’s not enough time.

Working with Emily 1:1 gave me the confidence, tools, and support I needed to leave my clinical job to pursue my dream of becoming a coach. It was powerful to have someone that believed in me, who was also able to provide both the practical and emotional tools I needed to move forward and stay accountable. I love that Emily guided me towards my goals in an attainable way that worked for me, instead of just what everyone else was doing or what I “should” do.

My “I can’ts” have turned into “I cans.” Yes, I still experience stress and my doubts, but I don’t have to live in that place. There is plenty of time and I can choose what I’m going to do with it.

I’m taking care of myself, I feel like ME again and I’m excited for all the future has in store.






Emily currently has 2 spots available for private coaching. Learn more about private coaching here