Meet Coach Eryn

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Eryn Marshall, health coach with Your Healthiest You, is a Certified Health Coach, Registered Yoga Instructor, and Universal Health Principles Practitioner based in San Francisco, CA.

Eryn was a long-time YHY client and Rockstar Mentor, and in 2016, she decided to turn her passion of empowering other women to feel their best into a career, and enrolled in the Integrative Institute for Nutrition (IIN).

Recovering from burnout and adrenal fatigue while working in corporate management and technology start-ups, gives her a unique perspective on the reality of balancing health with climbing the corporate ladder and creating a life with intention.

Eryn believes that we’re all unique, there’s no one-size fits all approach to wellness, and true health goes far beyond smoothies and kale. Through coaching, she’ll dive into your specific concerns and develop a personalized, approachable plan to get you feeling your best in no time.

Areas of focus include: hormone balancing, HPA axis dysfunction (aka adrenal fatigue), food sensitivities, belly bloat, low energy, elimination diets and cleanses (sugar detox, paleo, low FODMAP).


Having accountability of working with Eryn 1:1 was a game-changer. Through our sessions, I was able to create real, lasting healthy habits – I’m drinking more water, making healthy snack choices, and taking more time to check in with myself before meals. I’ve tried different things to make these changes in the past, but nothing ever fully stuck.



Eryn currently has 3 spots available for private coaching. Enroll in private coaching with Eryn here.