Go With Your Gut Retreat

June 12-14, 2020

What’s your gut saying? Seventy-five percent of adults suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, or indigestion. But often, it’s not just what we eat that needs to shift in order to alleviate these issues. These symptoms can be signs that a larger shift needs to take place.

In this program designed to explore the connection between your natural intuition and a healthy functioning belly, you’ll tap into this philosophy in order to live life more joy-filled life.

Return home with tools to help you feel healthy inside and out:

  • How paying attention to your gut can be the gateway to your intuition
  • ​Practical tools for bringing this connection into your everyday life
  • A simple three-step method for eating more mindfully
  • How to decode your cravings to best fuel your life
  • Which supplements could help clear the lines for communication
  • The secret behind fermented foods, how to make your own, and how to buy them
  • Tips for optimal nutrition and supporting your digestive fire