Your Healthiest
You Guide to

One of the best ways to connect
to yourself and strengthen your
intuition is through a regular
journaling practice.

Journaling most days will help create space in your
head and in your heart so you can become the
center of YOU in your life. Writing in a notebook can
help you receive “downloads”, or messages from
your highest self (or the universe if that speaks to
you!), gain clarity in any aspect of your life, and
receive helpful and thoughtful reminders from your
most loving and supportive self.

If journaling makes you think of “Dear
Diary…” and notebooks with faux lockets
(even though I loved mine!), then it’s time
to create a journaling practice that works
best for you, right now.

Journaling can really be anything – free writing, a space
to reflect, messages to self, a story of your day or night, it
all goes. I used to have such a love/hate relationship with
journaling but I found the more I committed to getting just something down most days, the more I felt in my flow. And when I’m in my flow I’m able to show up so much stronger in
my life for myself, for those I love, and for you! I now even like to keep all of my old journals as a record of time. Sometimes
it’s fun to go back and look at the intentions I set or the good times I had with my family, and I highly recommend doing the same if that feels fun for you!

Happy Journaling!

Ways To Journal:

  • Use prompts or questions to get you started
  • Narrate what happened the day before or what’s going on lately
  • List feelings, actions, intentions or whatever else is coming up
  • Stream of consciousness (sometimes setting a timer or a page count helps!)
  • Write out a conversation you want to have with a friend or loved one and have it with yourself first
  • Ask if there is anything you need to know right
    now or anything you should take a look at more

Prompts To Get Started:

  • How am I feeling today?
  • What would feel supportive?
  • Anything that I want to share or bring to light here?
  • What am I feeling grateful for right now?

My favorite Moleskine journal is
the softcover in large