Part Time Personal Assistant

Part Time Personal Assistant (Brooklyn, NY)

We’re looking for a part-time organized personal assistant for Your Healthiest You CEO, Robyn Youkilis.

As personal assistant, your role will be to assist Robyn by protecting her energy and time personally and professionally. 

We’re seeking someone who thrives in variety and can prioritize against often competing tasks. You must be comfortable managing a high-volume inbox, managing a busy calendar, making personal arrangements for Robyn, and willing to speak up and share ideas, feedback, or improvements you might have.

This position is for a high-vibe woman who loves the mission of Your Healthiest You and is excited to be a part of a growing health and self empowerment company. 

This is a part-time position with the possibility to grow over time. Must be based in New York and can work in person with Robyn in Williamsburg. 

Your day to day will look very different.


  • Write captions for Robyn’s social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Manage Robyn’s email inbox
  • Do meal prep for Robyn at her home
  • Reach out to industry colleagues on Robyn’s behalf
  • Manage personal and work related travel
  • Administrative tasks and errands
  • Manage Robyn’s calendar
  • Assist at in person events such as book signings and retreats


  • Are highly detailed and organized, with exceptional problem solving abilities.
  • Take direction well and enjoy being part of a team.
  • Are an independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time, every time.
  • Have strong communication skills and willing to take constructive feedback.
  • Are tech savvy and comfortable with tech software and have a willingness to adapt and learn new software quickly.
  • Are loyal, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast paced small-business environment where priorities can change quickly.
  • Have a reliable computer/laptop, webcam, and stable and secure high-speed internet.
  • Have strong writing skills and feel confident handling email correspondence and social media posting.
  • Are available to attend weekly Team meetings.
  • Are available to work in person in Brooklyn 10-20 hours per week with flexibility.


  • Are not comfortable with change. As a rapidly growing company, we’re always making improvements and changes.
  • Do not like taking a few extra minutes to add a high-touch feel to your emails and interactions. We strive for every interaction to feel personalized, empathetic, and supportive.
  • Want to do the same thing every day. This position is for someone who can handle a fast-paced environment, challenges, and variety.
  • Aren’t highly detail oriented. We need someone who takes the time to double check their work, pay attention to the details, and think proactively.
  • Your schedule is not flexible. 


We are a fun company that is really more like a family.  We are committed to help as many women break free from health issues, poor self image and overwhelm. We love celebrating our clients and community successes. 

We also work hard and expect you to do the same! We only work with A-Players who go above and beyond in everything they do. We expect your 110% effort in everything you do.

We’re a fast-paced company. Things change rapidly in online business, and we move quickly to test and experiment with new solutions. We are always working on a lot of projects and creating new things constantly. There are a lot of moving parts, so you must be able to stay organized and have great self-management skills.

We have a no-panic policy. You are expected to be calm and be presenting solutions even if it feels stressful (and our entire team knows we don’t panic, so you’ll never have someone yelling at you or “freaking out” when something breaks. That’s just not our style!).

We are all relentlessly optimistic and keep it positive. We don’t deal with whiners or complainers.

We always look for people who want to collaborate and contribute, not just “do the tasks”. We want your ideas and creativity!

This is perfect for you if you are an aspiring coach and want to work closely with Robyn and learn the behind the scenes of running a successful business.

This is a paid part-time position with flexible working hours. We are looking for a minimum 12 month commitment.

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