2018 Book Review Giveaway

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“I received this book as a gift from a family member who knew how much I was struggling with gut health. I was resistant at first because anything new always seems like a challenge when it’s so different from what you’re use to. Robyn’s methods for improving gut health changed my life! I won’t go into detail, but I felt like I was being weighed down by my gut and metabolic issues to the point where I had to think about it constantly. I no longer have those issues and although every day is not perfect, I know how to reset, refresh and listen to my body to make adjustments. This book gently guides you through connecting with your intuitive powers and truly nourishing yourself to your healthiest you.”

​Stories like these are why I do what I do. Hearing about your cooking ​​achievements, body transformations and even the simplest ​shifts you’ve made (more water! taking a moment for you in your day! POOPING!) from reading my books, remind me why I continue to make the decision to be an entrepreneur, put myself out there and do this work.

​So this year for my birthday my wish is to hear even more of your personal stories. 

My ask for you: ​Leave a heartfelt review for Thin From Within (​or ​​​Reset Your Gut ​for my UK friends) on Amazon as your gift to me, and ultimately to yourself! 

​​Amazon reviews are the #1 best way for people to discover ​​this book and ​a fresh perspective on their food and bodies. I am told over and over again how the honest customer reviews on Amazon ​are what ​made someone decide to actually purchase Thin From Within

If you’ve read Thin From Within (the UK version is called Reset Your Gut), I’d love if you would leave a review. 

As a thank you for sharing your story,  I’m hosting a epic birthday giveaway​!

Beginning Tuesday, October ​23rd (so order your copy today if you don’t own one already!),

I’ll be doing ​7 days of ​AWESOME prizes. 

To ​be eligible to win one of these prizes all you have to do is leave a review of Thin From Within (​or Reset Your Gut​). See​​ below for specific contest details ​including prizes, how to leave a review and how to enter to win. 

Thank you for being a part of ​this community and sharing in on my birthday celebration!



How To Enter The Giveaway

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  • 1Leave me a solid Review for Thin From Within (Reset Your Gut in the UK!) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Google. ​The more specifics, the better!​​​
  • 2Fill out this Google form after you’ve left your review ​to register for the giveaway!
  • 3For bonus points: share a creative post on Instagram (on your feed or IG story) about the book and tag me @robynyoukilis (each post will count as a entry). 

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Each day my team and I will pick one person to win the prize of the day.

Winners will be contacted via email and ​we’ll have prizes for both US and international friends!

Click on the book below to leave a review on Amazon or order your copy today!


Order a copy​ TODAY, ​do a little reading and/or cooking, and leave a review before the giveaway closes on Monday 10/29.

Note: Reset Your Gut is the UK version of Thin From Within (different names and different covers, but the insides and recipes are the same!). So if you have Thin From Within, don’t order Reset Your Gut. If you’ve already left a review (thank you!!), you can still enter the giveaway by posting to Instagram (see Step 3 above).

Step 1: Leave A Review

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How to leave a review: When you click on the book image ​above, it will take you to the Amazon page. 

Desktop: ​Scroll down to the “Customer Reviews” section at the bottom of the page. At the top of the section, click “Write a customer review.” Follow the instructions to leave your review.

Smartphone: ​Scroll down to the “Customer Reviews” section and click on it. Then click on “Write a review.” Follow the instructions to leave your review.

You can also leave a review on Barnes and Noble here and Google here.

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 Not sure wh​at to write? ​Use these questions to help you get started!

Did you have any specific personal takeaways or insights from the book? 

Is there a recipe you loved? Share a photo and let me know!

Is there a ​tool or practice that you’ve started practicing in your daily life?

​Any funny stories or experiences with the book? I love hearing these!

Step 2: Enter to Win!

​After you’ve left your review, fill out ​this short Google form ​to be entered to win one of the amazing prizes. The specific prizes and prize winners will be announced each day on my Instagram.

Here are some real reviews ​for inspiration:

The Prizes

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate my birthday! 

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