Rockstar Business Mentorship

Here’s a pic of me and my friend hosting a PJ party in the early stages of my business

Here’s a pic of me and my friend hosting a PJ party in the early stages of my business

It was so much fun!

 That pajama party? Made $5,437 

Yes! That party was part of a health cooking workshop that we launched after getting our health coach certification

 All I could think was wow. get to do this. 

After years of crying every Sunday before I had to go to my dimly lit non-profit cubicle job, 

I finally had a business that I LOVED.

Let me emphasize: a BUSINESS
Not a wellness hobby, not just an IG account…

A Business.

A business that pays well
A business that let me leave my cubicle job
A business that supercharges my personal and spiritual growth
The truth is, a lot of online entrepreneurs get STUCK, never really getting their business off the ground.
In my 13+ years in this industry, I’ve seen so many talented people fall into what I like to call “entrepre-NOPES”:

ENTREPRE-NOPE #1: Tinkering with their website
I graduated IIN over 10 years ago. I met so many amazing people there. Although they were gifted coaches, their businesses are not around anymore.
You know what most of them told me?
They wished they didn’t spend so much time in the beginning of their business worrying about websites, brand colors, company names, and workshop titles. (While I literally taught the exact same word-for-word workshops that IIN gave me for YEARS!)
Those things don’t get you paying clients — I can show you what does.

ENTREPRE-NOPE #2: Suffering from “what-should-I-call-my-program-itis”
I get it, we want a cool name. But if you’ve been stressing over the name for your Coffee Enema Course for 5 weeks?
Just pick something! It’s time to launch.

ENTREPRE-NOPE #3: Over-emphasizing one-off successes
Sure, you might have just landed a major client or gotten a celebrity shout-out.
Cool. But what ELSE are you doing?
The small successes are worth celebrating, but you gotta keep building on them to have a sustainable business.

ENTREPRE-NOPE #4: Ignoring the numbers
No one is above the consistency needed in order to be successful in this business.
At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game.
You need to make X amount of money? You need to do Y consultations.
I can help you do this without stressing yourself out.

ENTREPRE-NOPE #5: Playing to your peers, not your clients
Go ahead and scroll Instagram. I bet you follow 25+ people who do what you do.
You think, “I can’t do that, it’s already being done.”
Guess what: your followers? Only follow you and MAYBE one other person in your niche.
They aren’t thinking about which Hawaiian clay salt is the best.

I graduated IIN over 10 years ago. I met so many amazing people there. Although they were gifted coaches, their businesses are not around anymore.
You know what most of them told me?
They wished they didn’t spend so much time in the beginning of their business worrying about websites, brand colors, company names, and workshop titles. (While I literally taught the exact same word-for-word workshops that IIN gave me for YEARS!)
Those things don’t get you paying clients — I can show you what does.

Thankfully, I didn’t get stuck in those traps. 

I was blessed with a healthy dose of chutzpah. Nerve. Gall. 

Business Chutzpah: 
The nerve to face something scary in business…and just go for it anyway
E.g. “She’s always had the Business Chutzpah to charge 3x more than her peers…
because she knows her sh*t’s that good.”

Whether it was flying in a death-defying trapeze or jumping on stage to teach Ayurveda to 700+ health coaches (less than a year after I learned it)…

I just DID it. 
I mean, look at this website!

It was the free one we got from IIN and I used it for years. YEARS. 

Was it pretty? No. 

Did it have the right brand colors? No. (If you know me, you will never see a red anything on me!) 

Did it communicate my WHY? No. (Btw that doesn’t matter anyway, more on that later) 

But it worked. And it gave me the energy to focus on what really matters:

Filling my practice with paying clients.

When you work with me, you get an injection of that business chutzpah.

I don’t let my clients get stuck in those ENTREPRE-NOPES.  I’m here to pass on that fire that helps you keep going — and growing — in your business. 

The same fire agni 😉 that helped me: 

  • Become one of the highest charging health coaches…in my first year of business

  • Leave my full-time job 3 months after graduating nutrition school

  • Pitch a book idea…and write 2 bestsellers

  • Land my own TV show

  • Launch a 6-figure earning mastermind on a whim…only 5 years into my biz.!

“Working with Robyn gives me so much confidence to charge what I’m worth. Thanks to her nudges, I made $15,000 more in my last launch”– Sarah

The best part, I do it MY way. With ease, fun, and full support of where I am in my life…

It wasn’t always like that. It was HARD at first. 

I mean, I used to take client calls while on the toilet to save time! 

Each morning I’d struggle to get out of bed, overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to do and become. It would shut me down. 

I didn’t even know where to start. 

I was plagued by the same “thinky thoughts” we hear over and over in our head:

  • I’m not good enough

  • I don’t know enough

    I started too late

    I don’t have enough credentials

  • I couldn’t answer my client’s question about saccharomyces probiotics — I feel like a fraud!

The only thing that would get me out of bed? Reading a few paragraphs of Success Principles by Jack Canfield. You know, Chicken Soup for the Soul guy. 

Yep. Just as every Jewish grandmother knows, chicken soup is good for everything…even your business. 

The mindset shifts in this book helped me get up and do ONE next thing I needed to do to keep my business moving forward. 

Was this ‘lil book the secret to it all? No. First, it had to be a DAILY practice. I needed to get up and MOVE FORWARD every day. 

Second, it was a gateway into deep mindset training and learning to trust my gut. I worked with spiritual teachers, I cried, I meditated, cried some more, did all the spiritual trainings. For YEARS. 

Nobody tells you this, but starting your own business is spiritual growth on ceremonial grade cacao — with a double shot of espresso. In other words, it’s intense. 

The point is, I had to figure it out. For years.

You could probably figure it out on your own too, but it will take a lot longer. 

What if you could skip years of spiraling to “figuring it out” and learn from someone who’s been there? 


The Rockstar Business Mentorship

A 3-month online coaching program for online entrepreneurs ready to have a 

fun and sustainable business — that works for YOU.

Come with your ideas and dreams for your business. We’ll create a make-my-life-simple roadmap for an offering that supports YOU.

Each month, I will coach you through powerful mindset techniques to help you stay out of freak out mode and move forward.

You’ll get hands-on fundamental business coaching from social media, copywriting, branding, course development experts, and more. 

By the end of our 3 months together, you’ll have an amazing offering ready to launch.

The Rockstar Business Mentorship: How it works

The Rockstar Business Mentorship is a NEW three month online coaching experience for online entrepreneurs. I’ve designed the Rockstar Mentorship to make sure you have access to everything that helped me build a business I LOVE. Everything I wish I had when in my first few years of business: 

  • Access to an expert who has done it before (that’s me!). I’ve been in business for 13 years. I’m here to show you what really works — from the business nuts and bolts to powerful mindset practices that keep you moving forward. Ask me a question and I’ll tell it to you straight.

  • Business training from Robyn’s inner circle of industry experts. These are the people I have on speed dial for all the nuts and bolts of my business — from strategy to branding to copywriting and more. Want to know what’s hot on Instagram right now? The best way to structure your program launch? Creative copy for your opt-in offer? You’ll have exclusive calls with these experts to cover it all. 

  • A community of Rockstars with online businesses. We are social creatures — we aren’t meant to do this alone. Within this community you’ll finally have “your people”: a loving group of peers who will cheer you on and give you that loving push you need to aim higher. 

  • Deep intuitive healing to get you unstuck. I’ll be bringing my superpowers to the table, incorporating energy work, meditation, and healing practices for profound shifts to move you forward.

Here’s how the program is broken down:

Weekly Calls with Me and My Inner Circle of Industry Experts

Every Thursday at 12PM ET you’ll receive a combo of Rockstar business training, feedback and experience from your peers, and intuitive mindset coaching. Sessions will be 60-75 minutes long and will be held and recorded on Zoom. 

Here’s a sample monthly call breakdown:

  • Week 1: Intuitive Mindset Coaching with Robyn: Make your business SIMPLE

  • Week 2: What’s Working on Social Media with Robyn’s personal social media expert 

  • Week 3: Rockstar Copywriting with Robyn’s personal copywriter 

  • Week 4: Q&A and direct feedback from Robyn on all things business and mindset 

Connection and Support From Your Fellow Rockstars

We are social beings. 

We are not meant to be alone and certainly aren’t meant to work alone. When I first started my business, I had a hard time getting out of bed because I was lonely.

We need a sounding board. We need people — people who get it — to ask all those questions to. We need cheerleaders who compliment us and give us advice in a loving way. People who WANT us to win.

If I had this when I first started, I would have been much happier in my business. It took me years to find my “people”. My Wellness Peeps 4 Life. 

I want you to have that NOW. 

So you’ll also have a private Circle membership group to connect and receive support between calls from your fellow Rockstars. This alone is priceless. 

Robyn’s Personal “Make-My-Life-Simple” Templates, Routines, and Business Techniques

You’ll get the exact word-for-word techniques, schedules, and scripts I use to grow my business with fun and ease. Including: 

  • The Rockstar Sales Call Template: How to close the sale — and sound authentically like yourself  

  • My Template for running successful paid workshops that clients rave about

  • My Step-By-Step Launch Template: what to email when to sell the most spots 

  • My Social Media Blueprint for selling programs AND every day engagement

  • Social Media Content Pillars Template: what to post to grow your following 

  • Robyn’s Personal Morning Routine:how to ground yourself and keep your business moving forward — every day 

  • My Closing The Day Ritual: how to enjoy a peaceful evening without holding on to your clients’ energy

  • Your Healthiest You Team’s Launch Overview Checklist: the emails, IG posts, dates and more so we don’t miss a thing

  • Word-for-Word Scripts for handling all those “Uncomfy emails”, for example:

    • If someone wants their money back

    • A client session didn’t go as planned 

    • Letting go of a client that’s not the right fit 

  • The Perfect Work-Life Schedule to keep your business moving while enjoying your amazing life 

And more.

I’m giving you everything you need to keep you moving forward. 

We’re not meant to create in a bubble. Not knowing where you fall in line, you don’t have a meter with which to judge by.

You need people to help you answer things like…

  • Am I doing this right?

  • How should I structure my group coaching program? 

  • What should I charge? 

Having access to the right people can change everything. Here’s an example…

How I became one of the highest charging health coaches 

When I first started out as a health coach, IIN gave us a range of a good starting rate for health coaches. It was $100 – $300. 

At first I said to myself, “Ok, I guess I’ll charge $200 / month”. 

Then I talked to a friend who said, “I’m charging $300.” 

I checked in with myself and was like…

 “Oh, well then I’m charging $300.” 

And I delivered. I showed up how a $300/month health coach should and my clients LOVED it. They re-enrolled year after year and had amazing breakthroughs. 

And I had funds I needed to keep doing what I loved — full time. 

The point is, making it in your business is:

One part business nuts and bolts


One part chutzpah


One part push from your cheerleaders


One part mindset

In the Rockstar Business Mentorship, you get all 4.

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Q: Can’t I just do a business course?

A: Recorded courses are great, if you have the willpower to watch on your own time. Personally, they don’t work for my style of learning — I keep putting them aside for “later” or say “I should really watch that course…one day.” If you’re like me and you know you need a LIVE program to keep you motivated, inspired, and keep showing UP, then the Rockstar Business Mastermind is for you! I’ve been running live programs for 6+ years and it’s amazing — you can’t replace the energy of being LIVE with a recorded course. 

Q: Do I really need this after doing my health coach training course? Can’t I just do it on my own?

A: If you can move forward on your own, great! But you’re stuck in your head or feel alone, I made this program for YOU. When I first started my health coaching practice, I was lonely and doubting every move — I really needed something like this from the start. If I did? I wouldn’t have been 6 years into my biz before I started really enjoying it! 

The magic of being LIVE 

There used to be a time where all high level coaches were running masterminds and live coaching programs. Where you got to ask questions and get someone’s brain on your business regularly. 

That’s not happening anymore. 

Everyone is running recorded programs. Hey, I get it! Recorded programs scale. They allow you to “set it and forget it”. 

But I’ve seen in my business that the MAGIC comes from being LIVE. From showing up week after week and seeing REAL smiling faces of real humans.

Live courses are my personal sweet spot. You won’t find another business course like this. Not from someone who is still running a successful health coaching practice for 13 years and counting. 

You just can’t replace the energy of being LIVE.

If you know yourself and you need the accountability, motivation, and direct feedback that only live coaching can bring, then you’re in the right place. 

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The Rockstar Mentorship is $650 per month for 3 months or $1,950 if you pay in full. If needed, additional payment plans are available. 

What’s Included:

  • Weekly calls with Robyn and her Inner Circle of Experts 

  • 24/7 access to your community of Rockstars to ask for support, feedback, and guidance 

  • Robyn’s Make-My-Life Simple Templates, Routines, and Business Techniques 

  • 2 online co-working sessions get feedback from your peers —  in real time 


  • > 5 Bonus Calls from Robyn’s signature Rockstar Coaching Collective 

  • > Robyn’s Signature meal Prep Course

  • > Exclusive bonus: January vision board workshop (Robyn style of course). Note that this workshop will be a full month after completion of this program, so you’ll be held in this beautiful container even longer than the three months! You’re not going to want to miss it!

  • > One Fast Action 1:1 Call with Robyn if you purchase before 9/16

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