Gabrielle Bernstein

#1 New York Times bestselling author

“I love Robyn Youkilis because she reminds me that my stomach doesn’t have teeth. I feel blessed to have such a seasoned nutrition expert on my speed dial. Robyn is an authentic teacher, leader and coach. Her work is transforming the way people experience food.”

Diane Sanfilippo

New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox

“Robyn is a magical mash-up of super-nerdy nutritionist with your stylish, good-advice-giving best girlfriend. She delivers clinical information in her program with a soft-yet-sassy style that only she can — her coaching is the straight-dish on how to be healthy from the inside out.”


Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Author of the NYT bestsellers: The Virgin Diet & Sugar Impact Diet

“Poor gut health stalls fat loss, creates hormonal havoc, leaves you feeling lousy, and zaps your overall health. Robyn provides hands-on, easy-to-implement strategies plus fabulous, yummy recipes to crush cravings, reclaim your sexy, and restore gut health so you become lean, energized, and abundantly healthy.”

Keri Glassman, MS

RD Celebrity Dietitian, Nutritionist, Author

“Robyn beautifully takes you through the journey that your bod is meant to experience! Chew, slow down, breathe… and of course, enjoy gorgeous, whole real foods that are good for your body, heart, belly and soul! ”

Michelle Kabler

Certified Holistic Chef and Nutrition Consultant

“If you didn’t already realize, let me break it down for you: Robyn is the real deal. I sought Robyn’s help when I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I woke up one day with a slew of chronic health conditions I couldn’t kick — chronic fatigue, digestion irregularities, cystic acne, hormone imbalances, candida, the list went on and on. They were low grade enough to be shooed away from the doctor’s office, but high grade enough to want to stay in bed forever. I knew there was a better way. I knew there was a healthier version of myself deep down inside — she was in there somewhere, and I needed someone to help guide me back to her. Enter Robyn. There was no matter too small for us to tackle together — and that’s just what we did, together. Robyn was on my side through and through, guiding me through every phase of revealing the healthiest me. She approached every session with compassion, love, and understanding, and with just the right amount of sass to kick me into high gear. Because of her, I was able to change my relationship with my body, my well being, and what it means to be healthy. The vitality I gained after working with Robyn was so invigorating, I completed the chef’s training program at Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City to help others regain their health through food like I did. I have never been more in tune with my body, mind, and spirit, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you, Robyn!”

Katie Belfi


“Working with Robyn entirely changed my life. I called Robyn for my first breakthrough session one evening when I finally decided that I was done with my on-again-off-again love affair with food. I was tired of battling constant cravings, I was annoyed with feeling like I was always depriving myself of the “good stuff,” and I was fed up with feeling guilty for “cheating.” During my first call with Robyn — in typical calorie-counting-control-freak fashion — I pressed her to tell me exactly how many calories I should be eating each day. Robyn very gently informed me that we had a lot of work to do, and she was right. After years of reading fitness magazines and the latest diet-fad books, I had NO idea what it meant to eat right, but Robyn changed all of that. Robyn helped me to understand that nutrition is not just about food, and that to truly be “healthy” I needed to start listening to my body. Robyn’s coaching was 100% personal. She helped me identify the triggers of my migraine headaches and the root of my nagging sweet-tooth. She even helped me recognize the emotional connections that I had developed with food. No fitness magazine or diet book could EVER have given me the knowledge and insight that I gained from working with Robyn. Today, I don’t count calories, I don’t constantly fight cravings, and I have an entirely new definition of the “good stuff” (that includes green juice and quinoa ). I also feel more energized and balanced than ever! I can never thank Robyn enough for everything she’s taught me.”

Amy Leclerc

barre3 Co-owner and VP of Sales and Marketing

“I came to Robyn an already fit person and healthy eater. I exercise for a living and one of my initial goals with Robyn was to make sure I was eating the right things to keep my energy level up. Prior to my work with Robyn, I was very much a “trendy” eater. I am a sucker for hearing what the latest “don’t eat this, do eat that” mantra might be. Through my work with Robyn, I was able to identify what was right for ME, given my lifestyle, goals, tastes and environment. It was really amazing to see how as we moved through her program several light bulbs went off for me. It was a few months into her coaching that I had a very important “ah ha” moment. As I began to eat what my body was naturally telling me to eat the thoughts of “I should eat this, or I shouldn’t eat that” were gone! It is such a liberating experience and I truly feel my healthiest, strongest self. I highly recommend Robyn’s program for anyone, and would especially encourage people like myself, who already eat well and take care of themselves to allow themselves this sort of work to take their wellness to the next level. Robyn has a true gift as a listener and supporter and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Julie Ferrara

Design Manager at Ping Identity

“My experience with Robyn has changed me in such a positive and amazing way. By meeting with her and slowly changing my diet, I not only feel leaner and more energetic but have also come to realize how important it is to treat your body well. I actually crave healthy foods. I used to be a huge sugar addict, but now I am slowly starting to get turned off by all of the sweets, and, I almost feel as though I’m more sensitive to the sugar I’m ingesting now. I’ve also jumped hurdles regarding my cycle irregularity, something I’ve dealt with for many years. I’ve finally started to realize that what I intake affects not only my physical body but mental state as well. To function at my best, I need to treat my body the best way possible with lots of water, fruits, vegetables and rest. It seems like common sense but Robyn made me realize exactly how vital these things are.”

Mikayla Sciscente


“Before working with Robyn I struggled from the damage my celiacs, that had gone undiagnosed for too long, had left behind. I was constantly fatigued and nauseous and my physical symptoms had worked their way into my emotional health too. I had let them prevent me from living fully and vibrantly. Through the work Robyn and I did, my life did a complete and permanent 180. In prioritizing my gut health, my physical symptoms took a matter of weeks to disappear and only a few more months to gain back my energy level. After revamping my diet, a domino effect of small shifts occurred in my life and are still occurring! I find myself meditating, going for walks instead of hitting the couch, and snacking on kimchi. Not because I “need” to do this, it’s because my mind and body “want” to do this. The unconscious desire to take care of myself is the evidence of my newfound love for my body. This I never would have uncovered if not for Robyn.”

Sofia Adler

Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy & Insights at Soul Cycle

“I was already a “health nut” when I came to Robyn, but knew that some things were off in my body and wanted to learn more. She helped me really become more aware of how I feel and the effects of what I put in my body. I used to get bloated after everything I eat – and I mean everything! I struggled with eating because I felt like no matter what I did – even though I ate healthy foods – my digestion was off. Moreover, I was able to quit my addiction to sugar (yup, you can even be addicted to “good” sugar) and become aware of my sugar cravings. I thought I knew what I was doing but Robyn really helped push me to the next level. I’m so lucky and happy that I got to work with her!”

Meghan Stevenson Noblit

Writer and Marathon Runner

“I was introduced to Robyn’s programs and thought, “How could anyone chew until liquid?” But when she offered a Chewing Challenge I decided to take the plunge. Three weeks later, I’ve lost six pounds, my skinny jeans fit better than ever, and I feel incredibly energized. The recipes Robyn provides are awesome—I’ve made the Warm Chickpea Salad and the Ginger Immunity Tea so often I’ve got it the directions memorized. If you’re looking to make a change or are tired of getting so-so results, join the Your Healthiest You Group Coaching program !”

Joyce Yu

Freelance Art Director

“Robyn came into my life at the beginning of upheaval and huge change in my life. We began our work together talking about how to break down challenges into manageable steps and how to always be mindful of coming back to what my body needed. What I got the most out of our work together was her sheer honesty and her ability to break barriers and communicate with so much clarity. She glows. She is uplifting and inspiring and asks you to reach goals beyond what you thought you could reach. Life is always a work in progress but this coaching program gave me a clean picture of what I should always be working towards and that in itself is a gift.

Natalie Hinds

Flight Attendant and Yoga Teacher

“Robyn changed my whole perception of wellness! You cannot help but be inspired by Robyn’s dedication and enthusiasm about what she does. Her knowledge of health and food seems to have no bounds, and I use on a day to day basis everything she imparted to me. Before I started coaching with Robyn I was completely unaware of what my body needed, and to be honest, was not very mindful about my overall mental and physical health. Instead of seeing food as an uplifting source in my life, I just ate what I thought was good for me without being in touch with my body. Instead of taking time to reflect on the things I wanted and needed to be doing to enrich my soul, I was doing the things I thought I was supposed to do. Throughout this coaching program Robyn taught me to listen to myself, my body, and has enabled me to live from a place of true freedom. Robyn is an invaluable source of strength, compassion and knowledge to anyone who is struggling to find their footing in our ever-changing world!”

Amber Hargett

Graphic Designer

“Robyn is such an amazing coach! Her depth of knowledge about food and nutrition is astounding, but it’s her intuition that blows me away. She is super tuned in to her clients and community and seems to know exactly what we need to hear every time (even if I don’t want to hear it)! She sees straight through any limiting beliefs and lovingly pushes me to try new things and to believe in myself. I wish I had a mini Robyn that I could carry in my pocket at all times! She really helps provide clarity on all aspects; body, mind, and soul, and she is a true joy to work with! ”

Erin Hayes

“Robyn was basically my personal therapist. She was always accessible and always positive. I thought we’d only be delving into food stuff, but this really was a mental journey for me. It’s so much more than just ‘what you’re eating or not eating’. It’s also long term, which is unlike most of the ‘diets’ we’ve all tried. She holds you accountable and helps you through it, without ever making you feel like a failure.”

Nicole Stewart

“Signing up to work with Robyn has been the best decision I’ve made in the last six months. Her expertise, patience, research skills, and intuition give her the ability to guide and support her clients in the most nurturing and effective way possible. I’ve gone from hating the kitchen to being a true cook! I enjoy a much greater variety of home-cooked meals which delights my husband and my taste buds. She motivated me to seek help to treat chronic low back pain as well as see a therapist to help me through some emotional issues connected to my past. I’ve incorporated more whole grains into my diet and discovered exciting ways to get in more greens. Robyn has supported me every step of the way, taking time out to do research on my vegan lifestyle and giving me thoughtful gifts that catalyze my progress. I don’t ever want my six months to be up!”

Laura Bernard

“Robyn gives simple and realistic advice. It’s not a program that just dictates based on longstanding practice, but one that was truly tailored to my individual goals and objectives. There is no judgment, which allows me to be completely honest about my problems, challenges, questions and goals. In order to be successful in anything, you have to have complete honesty, and because of Robyn’s ‘no judgment’ attitude, you’re given the tools for success. I also love the recipes. These have been a great tool to follow up on the direction and information I’m given, and allows me to bring my learnings to life.”

Leslie Rubin

“One of the things I love about Robyn is that she doesn’t have it all figured out; she’s figuring it out with me. Instead of forcing me to adhere to a strict diet, she has shown me how to have balance in my life when it comes to food. She’s figured this out for herself, and she shares it with her clients. I crave and know about different foods now, in addition to the ‘bad’ stuff I knew and loved before, and I look for ways to incorporate those into my life in healthy ways.”

Lena Grogg

“Working with Robyn taught me how to slow down and consciously listen to my body. When do I snack, why do I snack?.. And how to satisfy the late night hunger in a smart, healthy way. The most surprising benefit was the impact of slowing down, conscious chewing and being with your food. Nowadays I eat about 1/3 less food but am still satisfied. My body is happier and my digestion, which was slow all my life, is working smoothly. Another great benefit is Robyn’s skill of kicking your butt in a very sweet, but effective way. 🙂 Loved it and it still makes me smile!”

Rob Farrell

“Before working with Robyn, I was addicted to cigarettes, feeling unfocused and sluggish. With her guidance and support, I have kicked my smoking habit, am much more energetic, and enjoying a clearer sense of focus in my work and lifestyle.”

Jackie Smith-Hastie

“Thanks for everything. You really have some wonderfully simple but effective ideas that have stayed with me for years. I wish we lived in the same city so that I could come to all your wonderful presentations and Cooking Club. You are good karma – thank you for doing what you do!”

Charlotte Rygh

“Not only has Robyn helped me on my journey to a healthier way to eat in order to reduce inflammation, she has also zeroed in on my health culprit: stress. She has been a wonderful coach as she supported me with my continuous struggle with allergies and investigated outside holistic specialists in my area to assist me further. With her help and wisdom I have been put on a path to better eating and reduced stress for a healthier body.”

Annie Colabella

“In a sentence: Robyn is a gift to this world. She is inspiring, kind, thoughtful, caring, and insightful. I have learned so much from her; she opened my world to kale, kombucha, and chia seeds, and beyond that, she helped me to see parts of my life differently. I am grateful that the world brought me to Robyn because she is powerful, amazing, and a tremendous influence.”

Samantha Wilensky

“I went to Robyn to find balance after years of feeling restricted and confused on diets and knowing there was a better and healthier way to have a relationship with food and my health. After a year of working together, I am not on a diet and have adopted so many changes into my life, both big and small, that just make me feel good all day long. Coming to Robyn already pretty knowledgable about certain parts of the diet world and my individual health issues, Robyn suggested new foods and ideas I have now added to my daily routine. She found the right cleanse for me to add to my lifestyle when I am feeling like my body needs a reset, and I now crave healthier options while also still able to indulge without feeling any guilt because I know that she has set me up for success. But food and diet was only a small portion of what Robyn and I tackled together. Robyn truly is a holistic coach who cares about every part of your life. We dug into past and current issues, and Robyn has helped me overcome things I have been struggling with for years- things I didnt even realize were issues for me. One of the most beneficial things Robyn had me try was journaling so that I am no longer building anxiety by holding things in my head, and making it easier to let go and see my self through certain situations on my own. No matter what conversation is on the table, Robyn shows up with actions to take so that you really feel results. At the end of this year, not only do I feel like a different person, emotionally and physically, but I feel that I have gained an amazing coach and friend in my life and have given myself an amazing gift- a gift that keeps on giving back to me.”

Marcie Levy

“Robyn has been instrumental in helping me create healthy habits. I was already health conscience and hyper aware of the foods I put in my body but was missing out on some of the simplest, yet most essential things, like breathing (really, I wasn’t breathing enough, and once Robyn helped me realize it, I started eating slower and stressing less), drinking more water, adding more minerals and vitamins to my daily regimen, and identifying which vitamins were best for me. Robyn was truly committed to helping me achieve my goals in a way that was much more personal than simply saying, ‘I can help you lose a few pounds’. She understood the changes in my lifestyle, changes in my environment, and the best ways to help me adapt to the new challenges I was facing. Robyn is passionate, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition and wellness. I would absolutely recommend Robyn to anyone who wants to improve their health!”

Meaghan Fitzpatrick

“Working with Robyn is a great pleasure – every time we chat, great insights are achieved, and lots of giggles are had. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist myself, I understand and value the importance of eating highly nourishing foods, however every Health Coach needs a Health Coach… and Robyn is my girl. She can pick up on things I am blind to with my personal sensor goggles on. She reaches all levels physical, emotional, and psychological, and gets to the root of the issue with love and precision. Go big or go home, take charge of your health and your life – Robyn will provide you with the tools to get this done!”

Hannah Ruppel

“My time working with Robyn was extremely valuable. It did not feel like I was ‘working with someone,’ but that I had a friend to talk to. I looked forward to every session I had, as each session gave me a sense of hope and excitement for pushing forward. Robyn made suggestions through humor, in a gentle and uplifting kind of way which made the somewhat scary or hard stuff not seem so bad. It was very comforting. I recommend anyone anywhere to work with Robyn and know that they will walk away with a positive outlook and a motivated spirit.”

Alley Scott

“Robyn is such a godsend! Before I worked with her for my amazing year, I couldn’t see a way to be comfortable with my body or around food. And now! It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. First and foremost I love my body, and food is a way to love my body – Robyn taught me that. In crisis she is always there and incredibly able to give advice and the comfort of a friend who is never tired of listening to you. Spend a year of your life with her, and you will not be sorry. My life is different and better. Thank you, thank you, Robyn!”

Amy Staub

“I always felt that Robyn met me in the middle – for example, when I felt I couldn’t give up coffee, she suggested a ‘good’ option that we both could live with; I have probably had 2 flavored Starbucks lattes since last year, a treat I used to crave every morning. I loved the regularity of our conversations and Robyn’s quick and thorough response to my questions. I’d always come to our phone sessions with a list of questions, which allowed me to get the most out of our sessions.”

Maura Dunn

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Robyn. I initially came to her because I’m a vegetarian who went vegan a few years ago, and I wanted to take a closer look at my diet to make sure I was actually getting what I needed. I ate ‘pretty well’, I ‘knew what to do’, but often didn’t do it. Plus I very rarely listened to my body; I ate quickly at my desk and often when I was full, bored, stressed, or tired. Robyn always gives concrete, practical strategies for me to implement. I really had no idea so many small changes would result in such great improvements in the way I felt! She helped me look at what I was eating, adding in where I was lacking, but then we also dug a little deeper, looking at how and why I was eating – and actually got me cooking and listening to my body more (not a small feat for me!). Just a few months later, my digestion is amazing, I am sleeping well, and I feel great. This is hands down the best money I’ve ever spent toward my health. I honestly cannot believe the improvements in my energy level – people say you can ‘feel more energized’ but I didn’t even realize how tired I was until I started actually seeing how much better I could feel, and I’m never going back. I love Robyn. LOVE.”

Ida Clay

“Ever since I can remember, I have always battled with weight issues and making good decisions when it came to taking care of myself. Something inside me clicked. I knew I wanted to change my life. I knew I needed help along this journey. Having a health counselor was the best decision I could have made. Robyn has not only been a beacon of light for me, teaching me to make healthier decisions in my life one day at a time, but she has given me tools and knowledge I would not have otherwise had if she had not been in my life. Health is not only about food… it is about how you live your life every single day, decisions you make and self care are a very important part of that. How we take care of our bodies and what we put into our bodies effects how we feel and how we live our lives. In the past, I suffered from acid reflux and was always with some form of antacid in my bag. Now I am 100% free of antacids. I have not suffered from acid reflux since the beginning of my work with health counseling. Having a health counselor by my side to help, support, and celebrate with me makes my journey all the more exciting! If you are ready to change the way you live – to feel better about who you are – to fall in love with yourself – to be the best that you can be, then THIS is for you!”

Tiffany Lonsdale

“Robyn literally took my life and shook it upside down and back around again. I could not have approached the end of 2010 with such a joie de vivre without her enormous bundle of love, support and knowledge. Thanks to Robyn I was able to take my health into my own hands with a sense of pride, and I found out new nutritional facts every time we spoke. Dark, leafy greens are now my best friend, and who knew kale could be so delicious?! Thank you, Robyn, for your intuition, your research and your never-ending mirror of reflection that we all need to see, especially when life seems a bit upside down!”

Tracy Baier

“I think of Robyn not only as a mentor, but as one of the (if not THE) best health coaches I’ve had the honor of knowing. She is so knowledgeable about what a busy woman needs to do to become and stay healthy, even with a crazy schedule. Robyn is a wellness waterfall, always coming up with the most incredible and cutting edge health advice for every woman, no matter what your weight, lifestyle, or health. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life.”

Katie Dalebout

“The best part of working with Robyn: she works hard to help you determine exactly what you want to get from your time with her, and then gets you there with simple, tailored techniques and support. Her knowledge is unmatched, and combined with her passion and wit, she’s a triple threat. She’s taught me that health doesn’t have to rule my life, and how applying just one Ayurveda principle to my routine can shift everything. Robyn is so relatable and authentic and clearly walks her walk. Just talking with her you’ll want to do what she does to attain that level of happiness & vibrant health, but that’s just the thing she’ll teach you – your path to wellness wonderland is completely unique, and she’ll hold your hand and guide you right there.”