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Thin From Within (called Reset Your Gut in the UK) focuses on healing the body from the inside out, resulting in weight loss that’s both sustainable and delicious. Whether you want to address digestive issues or lose weight, or both, this plan will help you in a way that nourishes, not deprives.


In this book I’ll teach you my revolutionary tools including my four step “Go with Your Gut Weight Loss Formula” that provides an easy and memorable framework for the practices I teach in the book, and my “Good Gut Rule of 5” that teaches you exactly what to put on your plate at every meal.


The book also includes my field tested “Good Gut Reset” – a complete meal plan that will effectively reset the gut and jumpstart healthy weight loss in just three days.

Plus, over 75 delicious and colorful recipes that cover every occasion and craving. From my game-changing Power Yogurt Parfait, to a Warm Cauliflower Salad and Spaghetti Switch-Up recipes, you’ll feel supported and satisfied.

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What Readers are Saying

Not only does this book contain a really great collection of inspiring recipes, but it shows you how to completely redefine your relationship with food and your body. It contains step by step guides for meal planning and relevant background on so many of the ingredients so that you can understand the importance of incorporating them into your meals. If you’re ready to finally feel good in your body and reap all the benefits of a healthy mind and gut, I highly recommend this book


This book is helping me not only lose weight, but also figure out what it actually weighing me down. It’s about overall health and feeling good inside our bodies.


This book is an amazing guide to following your gut (both literal and emotional) to find health and wellness. Yes, weight loss is probable; but more importantly your gut will be healthy, your heart will feel lighter, and your soul will thank you. I recommend this book to anyone – but especially to those looking for ways to heal themselves from the inside out. Robyn’s easy way of explaining why gut health is paramount for good health and weight loss is so sincere & her support and guidance throughout Thin From Within feels just like a cherished friend breaking it down for you. Her first step is start where you are… and then she guides you through all the rest. I can’t say enough about this book!!! It has changed my life!


Best part about this book is that it is not one size fits all. You can be paleo, vegan, gluten free or not and it just helps you build a balanced plate. Photos are beautiful and the recipes are simple but satisfying. Robyn’s laid back approach to health is a refreshing voice in an increasingly anxiety driven, so many rules atmosphere out there right now. Highly recommend.


Don’t be fooled by the title — it’s not a diet book! It really shows you how to listen to your gut(s) when it comes to eating. Robyn not only teaches how to keep your inside gut happy and healthy but also how to listen to your intuitive voice. She also goes into how emotional weight can be just as important to recognize as your physical weight. The recipes that she features are not complicated or weird! They’re foods that anyone (whether you want to lose weight or not) can benefit from because they are whole foods that nourish the gut.


Praise for Thin From Within​​​​

Not only will the beautiful recipes in this book nourish you from the inside out, but Robyn’s from-the-heart coaching methods will help you create a healthy spiritual relationship with food and yourself.

GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN – Best Selling Author and Speaker

Robyn’s simple diet tweaks will make you feel lighter and brighter. This is a must read for people with bad food cravings! It’s time to bring your body and emotions back into natural balance.

VANI HARI – Best Selling Author and Founder of

Emotional weight is a tricky topic and Robyn gives you the roadmap, tools, and TLC to start tackling it with success. But this book isn’t really about the ‘perfect diet’ and losing the LBs—it’s about gaining love and trust in yourself again.

JESSICA MURNANE – author of One Part Plant and host of One Part Podcast

Smart, entertaining, and packed with the latest science as well as awesome recipes, this book is a must-read if you want to take control over your gut and your weight.

KELLYANN PETRUCCI, MS, ND – Best Selling Author of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet

Robyn Youkilis has her finger on the pulse about what true and lasting weight loss is about. Not fad diets, not what celebrities are doing, not even counting calories. Once you truly understand your gut – and what it’s trying to tell you – you can start to shed those unwanted pounds and understand real healing from the inside out.

RAPHAEL KELLMAN, MD – Author of The Microbiome Diet and The Whole Brain

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