Week Five – Women’s Health + Hormones

Welcome to Week Five of Your Healthiest You! This week we are getting into all things Women’s Health and Hormones with guest expert, Nicole Jardim.             

By now, you know the drill: if you haven’t had a chance to get into Week Four STOP RIGHT HERE. Take out your calendar and schedule time to listen to (or read) Week Four today or tomorrow then schedule your time for Week FIve.        

Women’s health and hormones are such important topics, no matter where you are in life. Yes, hormones control ovulation, reproduction, and pregnancy, but hormones also make us the women we are: sensitive, intuitive, emotional. The more we understand the cycles we are going through, the more we can listen and adapt our lives accordingly. This cycle, this flow in our bodies directly correlates to flow in our lives.                  

This week promises to help you:                          

– Finally understand what the heck is happening “during your cycle”           
– Find more flow in your life by honoring your body’s natural rhythms – THE key to being productive and having it feel easy 
– Learn a new way to put food on your plate                 

Next, download your course materials – The Topics and Tips Guide (where your recipes are!) and Playsheet will support you in making the changes we discuss in the call.                                                            

– Women’s Health + Hormones Class Recording MP3 – If you’d prefer to download the file, right click on the audio player and click “Save Audio As.” Then you can choose where you’d like to save the file.           
– Women’s Health + Hormones Topics and Tips Guide           
– Women’s Health + Hormones Playsheet  
– Castor Oil Pack Instructions
– Balanced Blood Sugar Protocol
– Basic Supplement Recommendations
– Seed Cycling Protocol            

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all! If you are in the Facebook group, this is a great place to post your questions first as it’s super helpful and inspiring for everyone to join in.

Have a great rest of your week,