Week Four – Grounding + Intention Setting

We hope you had a great Integration Week! Did you use the time to catch up, create some delicious food or just chill? Post to the Facebook group or hit reply to this email and let us know!

And now back to our regularly scheduled Your Healthiest You programming! This week’s topic is Grounding + Intention Setting.                  

The idea of grounding comes from traditional Chinese medicine theories that everything we consume has energy and affect our bodies in a certain way. “Grounding” keeps you centered, balanced, and firmly rooted. I don’t know about you, but all that sounds good to me! 😉 In Week Four of the course we cover grounding ourselves through meditation and nourishing foods. This principle is important any time of the year but especially helpful during seasonal changes.      

This week promises to help you:                                    

– Commit to some form of a meditation practice
– Set feeling-focused goals                        
– Feel calmer and more at peace with your body and life                        

Next, download your course materials – The Topics and Tips Guide (where your recipes are!) and Playsheet will support you in making the changes we discuss in the call.                                                            

– Grounding + Intention Setting Class Recording MP3 – If you’d prefer to download the file, right click on the audio player and click “Save Audio As.” Then you can choose where you’d like to save the file.           
– Grounding + Intention Setting Topics and Tips Guide           
– Grounding + Intention Setting Playsheet                 

 Got a question? The Facebook group is a great place to post your questions first as it’s super helpful and inspiring for everyone to join in. If you are not on Facebook you can also email us at[email protected].

Have a great rest of your week, 

PS. Your BONUS Virtual Private Cooking Class is this Sunday (10/23) at 5:30PM EST. We will be sending out details on how to join and how to prepare for the class (recipes + shopping lists!) on Friday. Stay tuned!