Week One – Healthy Basics

Welcome to Week One of Your Healthiest You – Healthy Basics! Below you will find some specifics about this week’s materials, but also some general info to focus on for getting the most out of our time together. Please read it in full!

Here’s your first coaching moment – no time to fully focus on this content *right now*? Pull out your calendar and block off a time {and set a reminder!} when you can give us your full attention! We’ll be waiting for you then. 🙂     

Ready to get started right now? Let’s do it!

First, create a folder or system for storing your materials – Right now the program will be delivered every Wednesday morning via email. In the future we may create a client portal to store everything in, but for now your inbox will be the hot spot. Since our inboxes can get so busy we suggest creating a folder within your emails AND a folder on your computer to download and store everything in one nice tidy place.     

Next, schedule a time to listen to your class recording – In this week’s 85 minute call we cover my Your Healthiest You foundations – what foods to focus on and how to identify your ‘non-negotiables’ so you can finally know what you need to eat and do every day to feel like your most vibrant, energetic self. If you don’t have time to listen right away, pull out your calendar and schedule when you will listen so that it actually happens! I suggest booking off the same time over the entire duration of the program if possible (just set up a repeat time for 8 weeks total – 6 weeks of materials plus 1 integration week plus an extra just in case)           


Download your course materials – The Topics and Tips Guide (with recipes!) and Playsheet will support you in making the changes we discuss in the call.                            

             Download your bonuses – We sent these already but just in case you want everything in one email here are your extras.

Join the Facebook group and say HI!!! This private group is a place for you to share your challenges and our triumphs – you are not in this alone! Once you’ve joined the group, introduce yourself and any fun info plus what you are looking forward to most in this program. Also share these 3 specific details – 1) Your favorite TV show or movie 2) Your favorite song to dance to and 3) Your favorite vegetable! And if you’re not on Facebook, no problem! Email us at [email protected] to say HI and your answers to these q’s. Once intros are under way this will be the space to connect on questions, homework, post photos of any of the dishes you made and most importantly, how we can be accountable to show up and do the work.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my team at [email protected]! We are here to support you.                    

So much love,    



PS. The fact alone that you purchased this course means that you are ready to commit to YOU and making positive changes in your life. Way to go, rockstar, you are halfway there already!