Welcome + Program Details

Welcome to the Your Healthiest You Group Coaching Program! I am so excited to have you. My intention is to provide you with the tools and the support you need to become the absolute best version of yourself possible. You’ll discover your own personal system of checks and balances, so you never have to question your food choices again.  

This your official welcome email and packet! We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’re here. Please set aside some time to read this email in it’s entirety as it contains all the *must-know* details on your program, including scheduling and pre-course work!            

Ready to get started? Here we go!        

  1. Complete your welcome packet.  Your welcome packet is attached. After completing the questions, email them to Emily at [email protected].

  2. Sign your program agreement. Your program agreement is attached. Please email your signed agreement to Emily at[email protected].

  3. Join the Facebook group! This private group is a place for us all to share our challenges and our triumphs – none of us are in this alone! Once you’ve joined the group, introduce yourself and any fun info plus what you are looking forward to most in this program. Also share these 3 specific details – 1) Your favorite TV show or movie 2) Your favorite song to dance to and 3) Your favorite vegetable 🙂 . And if you’re not on Facebook, no problem! Email us at [email protected] to say HI and your answers to these q’s.

  4. Add the weekly coaching calls to your schedule. You’ll receive the week’s materials on Wednesday mornings. Why Wednesdays? We are breaking the “I’ll start over again on Monday” mindset. We are creating a “this is who I am” mentality, versus “this is what that I’m doing.” Plus, I personally always have the best intentions to work on these things over the weekend, and then it doesn’t happen and I feel like I’m behind. I don’t want you to feel that way. Right now I want you to commit to when you will listen to the coaching calls each week (and if that is Monday, that’s okay too!). I suggest blocking off an hour each week so you can have time scheduled to listen to the recording and stay up with the group!

    • Week 1 – Healthy Basics – Wednesday, September 21st

    • Week 2 – Fermentation Party! – Wednesday, September 28th

    • Week 3 – Cravings – Wednesday, October 5th

    • Integration week

    • Week 4 – Grounding + Intention Setting – Wednesday, October 19th

    • Week 5 – Women’s Health + Hormones – Wednesday, October 26th

    • Week 6 – Detoxing the Go with Your Gut Way – Wednesday, November 2nd

  5. Commit to Your Healthiest You. Since most of this program occurs outside our classes, while you are living and eating in your daily life, ultimately the results depend on you: what you put in, you will get out. Please read and sign this letter to yourself. This is for you to keep. You may want to create a file folder on your computer for all of the class materials or start a small binder.                                                   

Pre-program play + bonuses!       

  1. Start your day with water. I would like you to begin incorporating one thing into your daily routine: start each day with a giant glass of water. If you’ve heard this before, it’s okay, likely you need the reminder (I know I need the reminder!!).You can place it on your nightstand the night before or get it in the morning, whatever you need to do to make sure you have it. I would also recommend a squeeze of lemon if you have some at home. Please do this every single morning and let me know how you feel in theFacebook group or on Instagram by tagging me @robynyoukilis and using the hashtag #YourHealthiestYou.

  2. Explore your bonus resources – Awesome extras that you can dive into whenever you are ready!

    Robyn’s Core Recipes + Shopping List
    Intuition Video Workshop {use password ThinFromWithin}                                                

 And finally, a few FYIs…           

  • Communication. For any questions or general program inquiries and needs Emily at[email protected] is your main support person. She is generally available during regular business hours.

  • Fast action bonuses. If you were one of the first women to register for the program, Emily will be in touch next week with information on fast action bonuses!

I can’t wait to get started!              

Robyn + Team Your Healthiest You

PS. You can relax – You are in exactly the right place. I want you to know that I’ve got you, but more importantly YOU’VE got you. I can’t wait for the next-level awesomeness that is in store for all of us these next few weeks.