Work with Me

Work With Me

Are you frustrated with weight gain, indigestion, fatigue, insomnia, bloating, and constipation? Have you tried everything to feel better? Maybe you’ve sworn off all carbs, skipped meals, tried to survive on green juice alone, or popped some supplements that promise to make you lose 10 pounds in 10 days.If you feel like you’ve been looking for the “perfect” diet since you were a teenager (or even earlier), I’m here to let you in on a big secret:

There is no perfect diet. But there are simple steps you can take to lose weight, get energized instead of fatigued, ditch the brain fog, and feel sexy in your body.Most people don’t even realize that they have the power to completely turn their health around – physically and mentally. Because who has time to be fighting chronic fatigue and searching their closets for just ONE SKIRT that will actually zip up and feel comfortable all day? Oh, and you’re late for work… so you run out the door and grab a coffee and gluten-free muffin. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Yes, you’re right, but coffee and a muffin aren’t going to help you lose that annoying little pooch at the top of your pants.Are you exhausted yet? I am. Just thinking about this never-ending fight against your body is so tiring.

Constant thoughts about your weight, what you’re eating, and how many days it’s been since you hit the gym take up a lot of head space. But they don’t have to be part of daily life unless you let them. Anyone can change their relationship with food. When you learn to listen, to your body, what you need to eat, how you need to move, and how you need to treat yourself become clear. If you’re ready to stop labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” naturally know what to eat, and never feel deprived again, you want me on your side.How many days this week have you woken up hoping to magically feel thin, but in reality you feel bloated and heavy, again?I’ve helped thousands of women find out the real reasons they’re holding on to extra weight, waking up exhausted every day, feeling confused and anxious about work and relationships, and can’t remember the last time their digestion was regular (hello, bloating).I help you reconnect to your gut instinct through simple, practical tools so you can start feeling your absolute best, fast.After women work with me, they naturally reach their ideal weight, feel happy and energized, and do wake up every morning feeling slim, sexy, and happy. Chronic issues like fatigue, low sex drive, and cystic acne disappear. Oh, and they seem to always get that raise at work, or have their boyfriend of 8 years finally propose. It’s all connected, and I love watching these sparkly moments happen.Extra perk? They start to trust themselves and the decisions they’re making – from small stuff like what to eat at that fancy-pants restaurant, to big stuff like what they should really be doing for work to feel aligned with their values and purpose. Because listen, when your insides (digestion, feelings, thoughts) match your outside (body, skin, hair, nails), you sparkle, and your best self gets turned all the way up.Sound pretty good to you? Let’s get started. Choose your own adventure below to find out how you can work with me.

Health Coaching

In my high level one-on-one program, you’ll lose any excess weight, gain authentic energy, lose the brain fog, optimize your digestion, get your sex drive back, clear up lifelong chronic issues like acne and chronic fatigue, and learn to make decisions from a place of intuition and self-trust.

The best part? It’ll be fun and easy. We’ll get you rewired so all of this feels like a party, not a fruitless struggle that leaves you more tired than when you started. I have a serious reputation for being a big-time foodie and super fun, silly person. I travel extensively for pleasure, hit up music and food festivals all over the world, and still feel like my healthiest and best self almost every day.

Oh, and no deprivation is involved – or even allowed, actually. You’ll learn to indulge consciously and savor your food so you feel like you’re celebrating at every meal.

Feel anxious about eating in groups or at restaurants? We’ll clear that up too. You’ll discover your own personal system of checks and balances, so you never have to question your food choices again. Because that sh*t is exhausting, am I right? Wouldn’t you rather be focused on your date than agonizing over what you ordered?

It’s time for a whole new you – the absolute best version of yourself possible, because when you love up your gut, you can live it up.

Here’s what you get in this program:

  • checkLose Weight
  • checkOptimize digestion
  • checkGet your sex drive back
  • checkMake decisions with ease
  • checkLearn to love cooking simple, healthy meals
  • checkGain energy
  • checkClear up your skin
  • checkConnect with your kale
  • checkFeel like life is a non-stop party

Choose the Course that’s right for you…

One-on-one Coaching

Here’s what’s included in your 4-month one-on-one program:

  • One deep dive coaching session with – Together we’ll walk through your specific goals and challenges and lay out your plan for the program.
  • Two 20-minute laser coaching sessions every month with a Your Healthiest You trained coach – You’ll break through blocks and have a chance to get personalized tips and advice.
  • Email support from me and team Your Healthiest You – Got a question or need support in between our sessions together? We’ve got you covered.


  • Thin From Within Essentials Video – A full one-hour foundational workshop covering digestion, how to tune into your body, and the secret, no-fail tip to instantly feel better.
  • Access to my online program library (over a $5,000 value)
  • A copy of my book, Go with Your Gut

4 monthly payments of $750

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Or Save $150 — Pay in Full


If you’re ready to fire up your health, trigger weight loss, gain mental clarity, and dissolve chronic fatigue, I created VIP half-day intensive just for you.. You will leave this experience feeling energized, inspired, and ready to rock your healthiest you.

  • One 50-minute deep dive coaching session to lay out your plan before the VIP day (includes recording and notes from session)
  • In-depth tour of a local health food store with my recommendations, shortcuts, boosters… everything you ever wanted.
  • Hands-on cooking instruction, and then we will eat!
  • stardaily action plan that lays out exactly what you need to do in order to meet your goals
  • starOne 20-minute follow up call scheduled after our session together where we will check in with your progress and troubleshoot any challenge areas
  • starEmail support from me and team Your Healthiest You – Got a question or need support in between our sessions together? We’ve got you covered.
  • starAccess to my online program library
  • starA copy of my book, Go with Your Gut

3 monthly payments of $550

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Or Pay in Full