January 24, 2017

2 Quick + Healthy Recipes [and Videos!]

These quick, healthy recipes are perfect for the whole family PLUS they super easy to pull off! 

“The LAST thing I want to do when I get home after a long day is to spend another hour in the kitchen.”

This is one of the most common complaints I receive from clients (and friends, and family) when it comes to cooking.

I don’t have to tell them (or you) that home cooked meals are important, and how much cooking for yourself can help you lose weight, make better food choices and save money. You know that. But there’s a difference between knowing and doing. And often times we build up cooking to be this big “thing” and honestly make it out to be much more trouble than it actually is!

Here’s one trick: stop thinking about cooking as a chore. Instead of focusing on how “time-consuming” or “hard” making a meal is, treat your time in the kitchen as a way to unwind. I find that washing and chopping veggies can actually be relaxing, if you choose to look at it that way. Use this time as an opportunity to listen to a good podcast or playlist, or connect with your spouse or partner. And if there’s kid chaos in the kitchen during meal prep time BREATHE. Those times can be some of our best memories too, if we can allow them to be.

There’s one other thing that helps make cooking a natural part of your day: EASY RECIPES. Today I’m super excited to share two EASY + delicious family friendly, quick healthy recipes that I made in partnership with my friends at Well.org. In these short “Quick Cook” videos, I walk you through a couple of my go-to quick and healthy recipes to prove that it really doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to be an iron chef to pull off these delicious meals for you and your family {although sometimes it’s fun to pretend you are 😉 }.

My 2 Favorite Quick, Healthy Recipes:

Which recipe are you going to try this week? I’d love to see you in action in the kitchen or hear how the finished product turned out! Snap a photo (or film a quick Instagram stories, if you are into that!) and tag me @Robynyoukilis #YourHealthiestYou so I can what you are cooking up!

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