November 17, 2022

2023 Will Require A Plan

The idea of planning used to freak me out. I’m intuitively led by my business, which usually means I create programs and offerings when I know in my gut they need to be launched…but I don’t feel this way about 2023.  

I have a deep inner knowing that 2023 will absolutely REQUIRE a plan. 

My own meditation teacher is talking about it, the celestial calendar backs it up, and I keep hearing it over and over for myself that the upcoming year MUST be rooted, grounded, and clear. In other words, you must have a roadmap for your personal and professional life heading into 2023. 

And this is exactly why I’m hosting a one-day in person retreat! Let’s come together to map out your 2023, “go with your gut” style.

Join me, on December 9th in Brooklyn, NY for an immersive day of meditating, journaling, and thoughtfully creating your plan for the new year both professionally and personally. I know in my soul that planning 2023 sets the stage for 2024 + 2025 and that it’s imperative you have a strong foundational year. My goal is to have all attendees have a clear vision for the year ahead. 

The Details: 

  • December 9, 2022 
  • 10AM – 4PM 
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, 11211
  • Light breakfast, hot beverages, lunch and snacks will be provided
  • Investment: $1250 

Sign up here to join me!

I’ve never offered a retreat experience like this before outside of my coaching programs!

Can’t wait to connect, plan, and create together. It’s going to be life changing, I know it.

PS We will have a VERY limited number of attendees for this event and are saving first spots for YOU. Hope to see you there!

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