December 4, 2014

5 Holiday Tips Straight From My Personal {Integrative} Doctor

The Doctor.

When I say those two words what comes up for you? Do you feel nervous? Panicky? Want to run the other way? What if I told you there was a doctor that you would jump up and down to see? One that would sit with you for an hour, really hear EVERYTHING, could really help you AND be completely affordable?

Doctors like this do exist and I’m so grateful to have an incredible integrative doctor on speed dial, Dr. Robin Berzin.

I thought it would be fun to share some of her happy and healthy holiday tips in this week’s newsletter, plus a way that you too can get in on the good doctor action.


Dr. Robin Berzin’s 5 Tip Guide for Balance + Energy Through the New Year:

  • Detox every other day. It works like this. Every other day is a day you don’t drink alcohol, eat sugar, eat processed foods, or eat dairy for 24 hours. It may sound hard, but this plan will keep you feeling clean and refreshed 50% of the time so you can indulge the other days without guilt and without building up the kind of toxicity that leaves you wiped out by the new year.
  • Heap on the veggies. Remember that broccoli only has around 90 calories in three full cups and is packed with fiber, while a cup of stuffing can have anywhere from 300 to 500 calories and is often full of empty carbs that will spike your insulin level. If you fill your plate with three to six cups of greens, you’re unlikely to feel hungry.
  • Find ways to celebrate that don’t involve alcohol. I love a good glass of red wine but the reality is boozing on a regular basis throughout the holidays takes a major toll. Ultimately too much alcohol makes you bloated and depressed. Many patients tell me that social plans get in the way of their intentions to drink less. I get it – I often feel the pressure to drink wine when I know I’d feel way better without it and events and friends can undermine my best laid plans. My strategies include meeting people for yoga dates, making reservations at vegetarian restaurants that don’t serve booze so there’s no pressure to order, and hosting parties where I serve healthy food that’s filling and delicious so no one feels deprived.
  • Celebrate the New Year by giving your body a gift. It could be a spa day or a massage. Or it could be dinner for you and a friend at a yummy healthy restaurant. Or maybe it’s a fitness class you normally wouldn’t splurge on. Perhaps you go all out and instead of watching the ball drop you take off for a yoga retreat in Costa Rica! That’s my dream New Year’s Eve! Whatever it is, it is good to remind ourselves that “treating yourself” can include treats that are fulfilling, nourishing and detoxifying, and the holidays are one of the best times to do just that.
  • Find an outlet for stress other than food. The reality is a lot of families are stressful for people to come home to and holidays have a way of bringing out tensions. Or you might be running between family members and locations trying to keep everyone happy. If any of these sound familiar, notice if stress, irritation or anxiety is driving you to eat more than you might otherwise and go for a walk, meditate or call your best friend instead.


A doctor that’s lovely, brilliant AND talks about meditation, yoga and broccoli? Score! So how can you have your very own integrative doctor on speed dial?

Robin founded Parsley Health, an innovative, modern and affordable functional medicine practice. Maybe it’s time to look into some of those nagging “I feel meh” type symptoms. We’re not supposed to feel fine, we’re supposed (and deserve) to feel AMAZING.

I’m so happy to share that I have an awesome opportunity for my community to work with Dr. Robin with an UNREAL deal just for you! Until December 31st you can become a Founding Member of the practice and get an annual membership for 45% off! Here’s some of the benefits your membership includes:

  • Five 60-80 minute visits (virtual or in person) with Dr. Berzin
  • Unlimited health coaching sessions with Parsley’s amazing coaches
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Online services like refills, scheduling visits, and access to your records
  • Plus access to Parsley’s curated list of medical-grade physician-only supplements and botanical medicines

Want to hear more? Reach out to Dr. Robin directly at [email protected] ASAP for more information. Just make sure you mention my name so she knows how you found her and Parsley Health.

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