June 30, 2022

My Unique Teachings Around Meditation

On Tuesday, I hosted a meditation workshop in the Guided Grounding Membership and had one of those magical moments where I was able to put my exact feelings and philosophy into clear words and I could feel the impact it was having on everyone there. Not always easy to do as a teacher and coach!

June 15, 2022

How I Update My Wellness Routine For Summer

It’s unofficially start of summer & already proving to be busy (as usual) over here! Because of the shift in seasons, I’m changing up my wellness routine to support my bod through the balmier temps! And I wanted to let you know what I’m doing:  I put extra focus on hydration! Warmer weather means I

April 22, 2022

Reflections From A Magical Weekend

Recently, I had the absolute honor of hosting 15 amazing women in the Rockstar Mastermind for a 2-day retreat in Brooklyn. You can check out the fun recap reel here! We meditated, had guest speakers like Dana Bowling on marketing, Manari Ushigua on dream work, and a Cacao Ceremony by Nana Marina. We moved, we


  • 1. Gut Health

    Heal yourself inside and out with beautiful soul food.
  • 2. Gut Intuition

    Hone your internal guidance system so you can learn to trust your gut.
  • 3. Having Guts

    Live boldly, and fiercely. Life’s too short to be a wallflower.
March 19, 2022

A Ritual For A New Season

There’s been a lot of change happening around us. The seasons are shifting. Anyone else experiencing weather whiplash like we did in Brooklyn last week? One minute it snows, the next you don’t even need a jacket.  As we enter the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere this weekend, I wanted to share an exercise

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