March 19, 2022

A Ritual For A New Season

There’s been a lot of change happening around us. The seasons are shifting. Anyone else experiencing weather whiplash like we did in Brooklyn last week? One minute it snows, the next you don’t even need a jacket. 

A Ritual For A New Season

As we enter the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere this weekend, I wanted to share an exercise that can help you focus on what you’d like to call in. I’m going to do this too while I have some time on vacation in Costa Rica. 

Close your eyes and imagine your most brilliant version of you 3 months from now. It’s the beginning of the summer: What are you wearing? Doing? Eating? And most importantly, how are you feeling? How is this different from your current life? 

Jot down this image and any messages you receive. Are there any shifts you can make now to help this vision of yourself become a reality? What a couple small things you can do now, to work towards this future vision of self. 

This reflection could be a great ritual to help you welcome in a new season so if you can, carve out time for it. Happy Spring, friends!

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