May 1, 2014

All the kale in the world couldn’t fix this…

Only a few years ago, I was miserable in my body.

No matter how many green smoothies I downed, how many carbs I shunned, or how many supplements I swallowed, I was still carrying around an extra 10 lbs of physical and emotional weight.

I didn’t get it.

No matter how many strategies I tried, my outside did not reflect who I knew I was on the inside.

And today I’m revealing, in a brand new video, what happened when I was always trying to fix myself.

I’ll also share how I finally figured out how to enjoy life’s little pleasures (hello! brunch!) and still slip into my favorite jeans in the morning.

If you want to feel healthy and at peace in your body without having to ship off to an ashram, then you won’t want to miss this video.

Think of this as the start of your new “Brunch & (Green Juice) Cocktails” healthy living plan. 😉

Green Juice

Oh sweetheart – I’ve got so much goodness in store for you over the next couple of weeks – so make sure to join the fun at!

See you in the video!

PS If you’re anything like me you know a few other women who need to hear this message. Will you do me a favor and share???


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