July 3, 2013

Are we our own worst critic?

Summer. A time of parties, vacations, the beach, loads of watermelon and sun.

It’s also the time when we wear less clothing, are the most conscious about the size of our thighs, and often feel naked or exposed to the universe. With super high and humid temps we sport tank tops, breezy summer dresses, and bathing suits at the beach or pool. This is all necessary clothing this time of year, however, it can also be a time when we feel the most insecure about our bodies.

I was recently reading an issue of US Weekly while chilling in Vermont and came across an article where Melissa McCarthy, the hilarious actress from Bridesmaids, was being called “tractor sized” in a review from a film critic. As someone who coaches clients on how to be secure with their bodies (check out my commentary on body image on the Today Show), I got pretty fired up about this critic’s words. I was also deeply moved by Melissa’s response: instead of getting into a war of words and spewing more hate back to the critic, she chose to send him loving, healing thoughts in hope that he’d feel better about himself and no longer speak negatively about others.

I decided to make a video about my thoughts on the article. Check it out below:

Let’s think about often how we use negative thoughts about ourselves? For example what do we think while getting dressed in the morning? Let’s be honest here! In the comments below, let me know how often you have negative thoughts about yourself, and what kinder thought you’re going to start swapping in!

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