October 29, 2014

Avoiding the Halloween Sugar Hangover

Hey guys!

So I gotta ask, does anyone else feel that they’re being haunted by Halloween sugar ghosts?

Trust me, I get how this time of year can be super tricky. Temptations of candy and treats galore are lurking around every corner, doing their best to lead you down a haunted sugar path.

And I’m not talking about a few pieces; I’m talking about losing your head in the candy corn bowl and promising just one more mini chocolate bar when you have a pile of 10+ on your desk.

If you’ve given in to the white powdery drug (you know, the drug that all Americans are addicted to) don’t fret because I’ve got the most awesome sugar rehab cookbook suggestion coming your way.

My friend, JJ Virgin, nutritional expert and New York Times bestselling author, is sharing her brand new “2-Week Sugar Impact Diet COOKBOOK” with our Your Healthiest You crew, totally free, for you to enjoy right now! How cool is that? A totally free cookbook! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.49.15 PM.png

JJ as my guest on my TV show!

JJ’s on a mission to help the world cure their insatiable need for all things sugar all the time. It’s time we stand up to the white powder madness with a sugar movement that starts in our kitchens. Just click here to download your copy. This cookbook will be your Halloween savior, as I know you’ll be so, so excited by the deliciousness of every recipe that you’ll totally forget about the candy bowl sitting at your front door. At least for a night or two. 😉



PS The 21 Day Chewing Challenge is going down in just 2 DAYS! We have nearly 1000 participants joining the chewing revolution and you need to be there. It’s happening so soon and I seriously can’t wait. Sign up now (and don’t forget to share it with your friends!) using this link —>> www.TheChewingChallenge.com. Let’s do this!


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