May 25, 2013

B.B.Q. – Buy Better Quality

loni1This is a guest post from the amazing Loni Markman, a Nutrition & Positive Body Coach. Loni’s philosophy is that our bodies know best when it comes to healing itself, all it asks for is the right tools for the job.


With the unofficial start to Summer this weekend, I know many of you are planning your weekend kick off BBQ. Let’s take some time to talk about that love/hate relationship that you may have with those pesky 3 little letters – B.B.Q.

While we love to hang out outside with our friends and family and enjoy the good times, for those trying to watch their weight, BBQ’s can actually create as much stress, overeating, self-sabotage and guilt overload the size of a Thanksgiving spread. After all it is bathing suit season and the anxiety that surfaces when you don’t live in a body you love can be brutal.

So, let’s reframe what B.B.Q. means:


For now on I want you to think B.B.Q. stands for “BUY BETTER QUALITY”

Because quality counts!! Your taste buds prefer it. Your waistline will thank you.

Matter of fact, when it comes to losing weight, a new study from Harvard University found that the number of calories consumed is not necessarily as important as the QUALITY of those calories.

Quality food will have more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all those good-for-you nutrients that your body needs. It also reduces your exposure to pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics. Who can argue with that?!?!??

Check out these 10 tips to help you increase the quality of your Memorial Day BBQ.

  • Buy good meats – Make sure you purchase nitrate and antibiotic free, grass fed, organic meats. ONLY.
  • Cook it right – Be sure to also improve the cooking methods of your meats. Avoid cooking meat at high temp over long period of times because this increases the chemicals in the meat and makes it harder to digest causing you to feel sluggish and bloated.
  • Increase Antioxidants everywhere you can – Add high antioxidant fruits like organic blueberries into the meats prior to cooking. Check out these antioxidant packed cocktails.
  • Put Omega’s on the menu – Add a fatty fish to your menu to increase antioxidants, omega’s and balance out all the meat. Go for some fish and veggie skewers to really upgrade the nutrition levels or even make your burger a salmon burger this year.
  • Improve your marinade – pre-made sauces are packed with sugars, fillers and corn syrup – all no-no’s. Instead give your protein a bath in fresh herbs, tamari, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and spices. All the same flavor with none of the fat and preservatives.
  • Rethink your condiments – Get organic ketchup sweetened with agave and mustard naturally sweetened with apple cider vinegar.
  • Go Bunless – Replace your hamburger bun with lettuce. Boston leaf lettuce works great. If that just made you mad, then go for a better quality bread like Ezekiel sprouted bread.
  • Boost your PH – Always serve a dark leafy green salad!!! Raw kale salad anyone? These dark greens provide your body with nutrients to counteract some of the harmful effects of the other foods at the BBQ.
  • Upgrade your chip and dip – Make a non dairy “creamy” dip instead of a full fat mayo situation and try rice chips instead of potato or corn chips.
  • Add Color – Use sweet potatoes instead of regular white potatoes in your potato salad or for homemade fresh fries. Aside from adding vitamins and fiber, sweet potatoes provide a slow digesting carb to help balance the all the grilled up protein.

Hope this list helps you feel confident entering into BBQ season. Please know I am here if you have any questions or want to set up a time to chat about your specific nutrition and health goals.

Have an awesome holiday weekend and BE SAFE!

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