January 8, 2018

My best decision of 2018

I did something “crazy” last week: I left my family and home and checked into a hotel for two nights. I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision at all but my gut told me I had to do something and so I did, and it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life.

See, life is beautiful and amazing and full of wonder but boy is it freaking LOUD. My body knew we were starting a fresh new year, but my brain and soul were like WTF is going on. With a toddler up way before the sun and a business, book, and life all full steam ahead, I couldn’t hear MY thoughts anymore. My needs. My intuition.

Now, this was a problem, especially since it’s MY JOB to coach and inspire people to live their best lives. So after a chat with a soul sister and some amazing pieces lining up perfectly, off I went all by myself, 15 minutes down the road. Yes, it definitely felt a little weird and indulgent at first, but I can honestly say this was exactly what my gut was guiding me to do. I mean, did anyone catch my Instagram stories after those two days?? I couldn’t stop SMILING! And best of all – I was so excited to go back to my life. Instead of feeling like my family and my responsibilities were weighing me down, I felt grateful and happy and ready for it all.

If you’re reading this and have something you know you need to do rolling around in that cute head of yours, JUST DO IT. Don’t wait. The world needs your best you NOW.

Robyn grateful and happy

I know not everyone has the luxury of checking into a hotel for a few nights (believe me, I am unbelievably grateful for everything and everyone that made this possible), but no matter your situation you CAN prioritize you. Maybe that means treating yourself to an evening yoga class or booking a session with a coach or healer you’ve been wanting to work with, or maybe it just means turning your phone on airplane mode for 1 hour (30 minutes even!) at some point in your day.

You want to know the best part about this experience? I still have that feeling — that happiness, peace, and JOY — now, almost a week later. The secret to staying in that vibe? I’ve continued to (ruthlessly at times) put myself first. No, I’m not going to the spa every day, but one way I can say “Robyn, you are important and deserve the best” is by eating delicious, healthy food that I make myself. And the way I make that happen in my “real life” (toddler, business and all..) is by the simple and profound art of meal prepping.

So I encourage you to start thinking about your own version of my “staycation,” but in the meantime do this for yourself: reserve a seat in my brand new online course: the Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop. It’s completely *FREE* when you pre-order a copy of my new book, Thin From Within, and in it I’ll teach you how meal prep can be an easy and FUN part of your own self-care practice.

Thin From Within

Pre-order your copy of Thin From Within and register for the workshop here: Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop.

Have you ever done something “crazy” (ie against logic or what seems “right” or sensible?) because your soul told you to? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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