September 3, 2017

ALL my best travel tips

Currently I’m in the midst of a few weeks of travel. My husband, Navy and I headed first to Mexico for a wedding, then to Mexico City for our annual anniversary trip to Mexico City and finally to Los Angeles for some quality time in our second home.

If you’ve been hanging out with me for any amount of time, you probably know that I love to travel. And while I’ve had lots of fun weekend adventures, this summer has actually been pretty light on the travel front for my husband and I. We haven’t taken a big trip since Hawaii in April, which somehow feels like forever ago (time is SO weird!).

I get messages almost every day about how I stay healthy even when I’m bouncing from coast to coast, so today I’m pulling all my tips together in one place, plus sharing a few new tips specifically around how I eat on vacay. Whether or not you’ve got a trip planned this month, I hope you find these suggestions helpful (I know re-reading some of my older posts was super useful for me!).

How do I approach eating on vacation? Eat all the foods! Ha! But really, I do let myself enjoy anything I want, with a few helpful guidelines

  1. Try to have at least one meal a day that is close to your home routine. For me that’s usually my Power Yogurt Parfaits (if I’m at an AirBnB or hotel with a fridge where I can keep my yogurt) or a big salad for lunch if I can’t make my breakfast (and this one can vary quite a bit depending where you are!) I also pack sauerkraut in my suitcase. Seriously, I do and it makes SUCH a difference in my energy and digestion.
  2. Taste everything but stop way before you’re full. I’ve eaten so much in Mexico City but never got to the point of feeling stuffed or uncomfortable. This has taken years (and years, and years) of practice. Ultimately, just keep checking in with yourself and your belly, and remind yourself if you eat a little less of something, it leaves more room to try something else later!
  3. Walk walk walk or find time to exercise at least once or twice. I might not be able to hit up my regular SoulCycle or hot pilates classes when I’m traveling, but I always find someway to move my body. One of best (and cheapest!) ways to exercise while you’re traveling is to WALK! Not only will you get some good movement in but you’ll also get to see more of the city you’re in.

Like I mentioned, I’ve written about healthy travel more than once! Here are a few more tips from the blog archives:

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Do you have any trips planned in the next month or two? What do you do to stay healthy on the go? Leave a comment below and let me know!






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