April 16, 2024

Early Bird Pricing Ends Tonight, Grab Your Ticket NOW!

I can’t believe my Hot Mama Mother’s Day Event is almost 1 month away, I’m so freaking excited!!! I swear this is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift so hurry up and grab your tickets before Early Bird pricing ends TONIGHT!

Date: Sunday, May 19, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM 
Location: Moabet, Brooklyn, NYC (check out the beautiful venue here)

I know for a fact you’ve got a lot going on. I know you’ve got obligations, and that your family needs you. But I also know you are so much more YOU when your cup is filled up


✨If you’ve ever called your girlfriend while hiding in the bathroom in the throws of yet another very failed attempt at a “let’s make it all about mom!” Mother’s Day, then this special event is for you.

✨If you’re tired of the same cute but *not quite it* brunch with your darling kiddos, then this special event is for you.

✨If you’ve been wanting to get something exciting on the calendar that you’re counting the minutes until you can be there, then this special event is for you.

✨If you’ve secretly (or not so secretly) wished you could spend your Mother’s Day WITHOUT the people that made you a mother (it’s okay, I see you!), then this special event is for you!

So seriously, what are you waiting for!? Sign up BY TONIGHT and save $50. No code necessary, just get your ticket before we sell out (and yes, you can definitely share it with your girlfriends!) LFG!!!


PS I am hosting the ultimate Mother’s Day event and Early Bird pricing ends TONIGHT! Check out all the details here! AND GET READY FOR THE GIFT BAG TO END ALL GIFT BAGGSSSSS!!!

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