August 9, 2022

Easy Tips To Work Your Intuition

I wouldn’t be the author of a book called Go with Your Gut, if I wasn’t driven by my intuition. For me, intuition is everything! If you want to rely on your intuition in the BIG moments, then you’re gonna need to use it in the small ones

I believe intuition is our soul’s purpose connected to our bodies, bellies, and our lives. It’s the way we receive messages and even guidance on what we are meant to do with them. Typically for me it feels like a tingle coming up from my belly. It’s a message that just pops in like it’s just meant for something. I encourage you to listen to those messages! Your intuition is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. 

Here are some easy situations to try working your intuition:

  • What do I want for breakfast? 
  • What kind of workout does my body want to do today?  
  • What do I need to do for myself tonight?
  • What would feel most supportive this week? 
  • Is there anyone I feel I should reach out to? 
  • Is there anything in my work or life that I feel called to give attention to? 

Using your intuition daily makes it easier to hear it coming through for the bigger decisions. Do you have a specific way you hear your intuition? Do you find it easy or hard to use your intuition? Let me know in the comments on this IG post

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