May 6, 2022

Ever been told what you should do or should be?

(Doesn’t feel very go with your gut)

What about asking yourself? “What do I want?”

This is exactly what Tricia Huffman, The Joyologist herself, is asking us in her new book F THE SHOULDS. DO THE WANTS!

“You have no idea how much the shoulds are running your life, holding you back, stealing your joy, and making you question your worth on a daily basis.” 

I’m honored to share in the book how I make meditation work for me and it’s not the way we think we “SHOULD” meditate… like at a Phish concert, dancing to EDM, or breathing on the subway. This is what Tricia calls: making your WANT work for YOU.

F THE SHOULDS. DO THE WANTS is out May 10th and if you preorder you’ll get some AMAZING bonuses including a virtual book release event on May 17th at 6pm PST/9pm EST that I’ll be a part of! 

Think part party, part workshop. I’m leading a Guided Grounding Session and Jason Mraz (yep, THE Jason Mraz) will give a mini concert. He even wrote the foreword! How cool is that?! Grab your ticket by pre-ordering here. A recording will also be available if you can’t attend IRL. 

This quote from the book made me take a deep exhale:

I’m excited to have my hands on a copy knowing it’s Tricia’s personal journey of the word should and how it can F with us on the daily. 

Will I see you at the party, friends? LMK! 

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