November 1, 2023

Evolve by Erika Podcast Takeaways

A gut health guru and a kundalini yoga teacher walk into a bar…

Or more accurately, a recording studio, to record a podcast for the Evolve by Erika Podcast

I recently had the honor of sitting down with my dear friend Erika, to be interviewed on everything from my top tips for keeping your gut functioning at its best to sharing why I *really* believe my business has been so successful for almost 15 years

Whether you follow me for all things gut health, or for the Rockstar business side, this episode covers it all. You can listen here, and read below to catch my biggest takeaways from our conversation:

“Heal your gut, so you can live from your gut”

Gut health is key to our overall well-being, so prioritizing practices to heal it, will make all the difference in your personal and business life.

When our gut is functioning at its best, we can connect more easily to our intuition. You begin to notice when your body gives you those full-body YES’s or even those hard NO’s. This is especially helpful when you are getting started in your business journey. You don’t need to worry about having all of the answers; sometimes you just need to follow those gut intuition moments and go along for the ride. Because it is all part of your journey. 

Putting “Joy Anchors” on your calendar (and celebrating the wins!)

You know that I am a BIG believer in prioritizing joy in my life, whether big or small and I truly believe that this is one of my biggest tools for feeling, and looking (being totally honest!), my best. Whether it’s a night out dancing, a music festival, or simply a serene stroll by the water on my way home, these moments help recalibrate and re-energize my soul so that I can continue to show up and be the best version of myself.

You will always have ups and downs

We tend to think that just because we’re doing something we love and are deeply passionate about, that it’s going to be smooth sailing. For all my newer online coaches, it’s critical to remember that you will always have ups and downs, and they are not only completely normal but a part of everyone’s entrepreneurial journey. They don’t mean that you are doing anything wrong, it’s just a part of building anything that matters and putting yourself out there in a big way. This is why taking care of yourself comes first and why you have to find community. 

This week or weekend, I want you to put some time on your calendar for yourself. Go for a walk, do a meditation, go out dancing with your friends, read a book, ANYTHING that brings you joy. Because you are the most important person in your life, and you can’t help others unless you take care of YOU.

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