March 10, 2018

From Auditor to IIN Health Coach: Emily’s Story

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The absolute best part of my job is supporting people to live their best life — whether that be eating and feeling better in their body or doing work that is meaningful to them.

One special lady I’ve had the pleasure of watching her whole life change is Emily, my business manager and head coach at Your Healthiest You.

Emily just celebrated her 3 year anniversary of quitting her corporate job as an auditor.

Emily’s story is super powerful, so I asked her to share a few of her biggest moments with you.

Robyn & Emily

What Were You Doing When You Enrolled In IIN (Institute For Integrative Nutrition)?

At the time I was working as an auditor for a big 4 public accounting firm. I had gone to business school and gotten a degree in accounting because I was good at it, but I didn’t love it. During college and into my early 20s I saw my friends who were pursuing careers in line with their passions and I wanted that, but for some reason, I didn’t think it was possible for me.

I didn’t feel like I had a strong enough passion that could translate into a career.

What Was Your Turning Point Where You Felt Like More Was Possible For You?

Around that time I discovered healthy food blogs and pretty soon I was hooked. I loved reading the stories, learning about healthy lifestyle hacks and of course making the recipes. My time in the kitchen felt FUN, and I loved sharing what I was learning with my co-workers, friends, and family. People started to come to me for advice and I wondered “Could I make THIS a career?”

So I started researching careers in health and wellness and different nutrition certifications, which led me to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Everything about the program sounded AMAZING (seriously seemed like a dream to be learning about different diets and how to teach people this info), but I still wasn’t sure. Was this program legit? Would it be worth the investment? How would I balance this with my current career in accounting?

You Were Working Full Time As An Auditor — What Made You Take The Leap And Enroll In IIN?

After speaking with someone who went through the program, I decided to GO WITH MY GUT and enroll. My whole body said YES DO THIS – even though my brain wasn’t sure if or how it would work out.

I am so thankful that my younger self was able to hear that message from my gut, and actually listen to it.

I’ve found my passion and I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to make this my job.

I’ve found amazing mentors and teachers like Robyn who have helped me vision a life that’s bigger and brighter than I could have even imagined a few years ago.


Thanks for sharing, Em. I’m grateful that you followed your intuition too 😉

Emily and I found IIN at different times, for different reasons, and have different “jobs” today, but there is a similarity in our stories. We both followed our guts, despite our rational brains telling us otherwise.

Your gut instinct, or your intuition, is your superpower. It’s how I found my way to this career path, and it’s how I make any big business decision to this day.

Your intuition knows the best decision for you in any moment, but often it’s clouded by fear or other people’s opinions, which is why we don’t always hear the messages it’s trying to send you.

Whether you’ve been considering IIN for awhile or you’re into health and wellness but this is something you’ve never considered as a career, I want to help you decide if this program, if this career path, is right for you right now.

I hosted a FREE online class to walk you through exactly that.

GO WITH YOUR GUT for Business Success

During this online class you’ll learn:

  • How I decided that IIN was the right program for me, and how I continue to make important business (and life!) decisions to this day.
  • The career opportunities available to you as a certified health coach, and the different (and creative) ways I’ve made money as a coach over the past decade.
  • My #1 recommendation for anyone considering a career in health, wellness or personal development.

Emily will be interviewing me during this class, so you’ll get to hear from her too!

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