December 20, 2017

Gift My Meal Prep Workshop This Holiday

Do you know someone who wants to get healthier in the new year? I’ve got the perfect (and EASY lol) gift: Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop and new book!

In this workshop, they’ll learn all kinds of good stuff like:

  • The specific recipes and foods I prepare each week when I’m wanting to reset my gut
  • My 3 insider secrets to making meal prep something that you look forward to almost as much as the weekend itself
  • Exact step-by-step guidance on how to make cooking an easy part of your weekly routine
  • Plus the most delicious, straightforward and EASY (see a theme here…) recipes you can make again and again

Most importantly, they’ll discover that getting in the kitchen can actually be FUN and not stressful! Your loved one will thank you — and maybe even cook for you!  🙂

The workshop is valued at $147 but you’ll get it for just the price of a book when you pre-order my new book, Thin From Within, today!

Here’s how you can gift the workshop and book:

Step 1: Pre-order a copy of Thin From Within. If you order online, you can enter the address of your recipient when you check out so the book will get shipped directly to them when it’s officially out in February. Head here to pre-order Thin From Within today:

Step 2: Email us with the recipient’s info. Please email [email protected] with the following information: 1) Your name 2) Recipient’s name 3) Recipient’s email. We’ll add them to the workshop registration list so they will receive more information on that in the new year!

Step 3: Download and print or email your gift certificate. After you email us (Step 2 above!) we’ll send you a gorgeous gift certificate that you can download and print out or email.

Want to make this a complete healthy living package? Here are a few other last-minute gift ideas on Amazon that you can add to your book purchase:

  • Go with Your Gut – None other than my first super fun book for your reading (& cooking) pleasure! There are some awesome recipes in there for you to try. Yum 🙂
  • Vitamix – One of my favorite kitchen tools. It makes blending the perfect smoothie a snap…every time! Plus it’s SO worth the investment.
  • Coconut Sugar – If you’re going to have sugar, why not make it a “healthier” kind? Coconut sugar makes a great swap in almost any recipe.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen – Collagen has so many health benefits and since it’s tasteless it’s easy to add to soups and smoothies.
  • Lemon Squeezer – Lemon water is a Your Healthiest You must and this handy gadget makes squeezing lemons SO much easier (which means you’ll actually do it!).
  • Mason Jars, Metal Straws, and Lids – So simple but these are a great way for you to get your daily intake of water.

If you place your orders on Amazon today, you should be able to still receive these gifts in time for Christmas giving. Can’t wait to host your loved ones in my Meal Prep Workshop!

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