August 21, 2014

Got 2 minutes? There’s a smoothie for that.

I love a good smoothie. I’ve definitely been digging my eggs and greens breakfasts of late (check out all my renditions on Instagram here) but I will always love a super cold tall glass of a nutrition packed smoothie (maybe they remind me of one of my favorite “foods” growing up – McDonald’s [yep] strawberry milkshake?), now I just have them for a snack or summertime treat.

You can pack a ton of great nutrition in it and they still taste absolutely awesome. As everyone prepares to head back to school and settles into a new routine, I wanted to share a few different kid (and adult!) friendly smoothie recipes for your repertoire.


Orange-Spice Chia Smoothie: This is summer meets fall in a glass my friends. This great smoothie balances richness with a tart spiciness.

Green Dream Smoothie: Looking for an easy, but tasty, way to get more kale in your diet? This smoothie is a creamy, dreamy, delicious way to add in this great veggie.

PBJ and Hemp Smoothie: Who doesn’t love a great PB&J? This smoothie delivers the goods in a tasty and healthy way that will also leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Not into the smoothie thing? Try my Superhuman breakfast instead! Click here for more info on that!

Now I want to know, what are your favorite smoothies recipes? Share below!

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