November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to take this moment to tell you how grateful I am for you. I have been reflecting back on what a wonderful year it’s been and taking the time to appreciate my family, friends, clients and you too!

If you are looking for some healthy recipes for Thanksgiving, here are delicious ideas from {Healthy} Cooking Camp:

Gluten Free Orange & Sage Quinoa Stuffing
Cauliflower, Parsnip & Apple Puree
Cranberry Citrus (Awesome) Sauce
Spiced Apple & Pear Crumble (gluten free)
Spiced Pumpkin & Dark Chocolate Cupcakes


Don’t worry or stress about eating too much! If you eat lots of veggies, drink water and move your body you’ll be in great shape. Enjoy, connect, laugh and love those around you! Relax and enjoy!

This healthy journey you’re on can’t be derailed by just one day. We’re in it together for the long run. [tweet this!]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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