January 7, 2022

Here’s your permission slip

As a new year begins, many of us start to think about our New Year’s resolutions. We see the new year as the perfect time to create a new us, manifesting and setting intentions and creating vision boards.

Here’s the truth: I’m nowhere near visioning 2022.

And if you’re not there either, know this: it’s okay!

Many of us just don’t have the bandwidth to sit down and vision right now, whether it’s because we don’t have childcare, we were delayed in getting home from the holidays, or we just haven’t sat and processed 2021 yet.

Give yourself permission not to jump in with new visions and intentions. Instead of making big plans, stick with small daily practices, things that make you feel like you. Even just focusing on one simple thing can do so much right now (like I share in this video!). Trust that when the time is right for you to set new intentions, you’ll hear your inner voice speak up. And maybe I’ll create a workshop where we can do it together even! 

Whether a burst of energy comes as soon as you settle back into work, after the first real snow, or even at the first spring blooms, know that it’s all part of the process and that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

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