December 12, 2016

6 Healthy Holiday Recipes To Share With Your Loved Ones

My favorite healthy holiday recipes to share with the whole family:

It’s officially the most the festive time of the year! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the magical time between Christmas and New Years when the whole world seems to slow down and eating cookies for dinner is totally acceptable.

Of course with the holiday season comes homemade holiday food, which was always covered in my home growing up. When I was younger, my mom would make about 4 million potato latkes {I’m a sour cream girl all the way} and we would all try and snag the crispiest ones fresh from the pan. Even when I lived in LA I would come home to New York for the holidays and since I had usually missed Thanksgiving my mom would make up for it by cooking the full meal on Christmas (even though we’re Jewish!). Food has been and always will be a way that my family shows love.

I look forward to spending a lot of special time connecting with my family over the next few weeks, both through food and other traditions, and hope you will do the same.

Whatever your traditions, here are 6 healthy (but still delicious) recipes to share with your loved ones this holiday season:

Country Veggie Soup – New recipe share from my book!

This soup from Go with Your Gut is a recent favorite of mine and Navy’s. I can’t survive the colder months without a soup in my fridge, and this one is hearty, comforting and full of yummy flavors. The best part? This soup gets better over time, so make a big pot on a Sunday and enjoy it all week long.

Sweet Potato Latkes

A sweeter take on a Hanukkah staple, these sweet potato latkes are just as satisfying but without the deep fry.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Capers, Walnuts and Anchovies

These “foodie-ified” (yes I made that up) sprouts are so good, you almost forget you’re eating a vegetable. Almost 😉

Cauliflower, Parsnip & Apple Puree

Here are three reasons to make this recipe: 1. It basically needs 3 ingredients and it tastes like heaven. 2. It’s a much healthier (and may we dare say, tastier?) alternative to mashed potatoes. 3. All the ingredients are in season, making it THE perfect festive side dish.

Kale Salad with Apples & Almonds

How can you get some greens into your holiday feast? Volunteer to bring the salad! Here’s a really quick and easy kale salad recipe that everyone will love.

Spiced Apple & Pear Crumble

Full of yummy spices like ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon but low on sugar, this pie is the perfect way to close out a special meal.


What are your favorite healthy holiday dishes? I want to see them! Leave a comment below or share with us all on social media – tag me @RobynYoukilis #YourHealthiestYou so I can see your beautiful food posts.





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