December 1, 2015

Move your booty! [3 quick at-home workouts]

As we now head into the full holiday season with even more big meals and parties, I know you’ll do your best when it comes to food choices (I’ll be here with helpful tips and recipes!), but let’s all make a commitment to move together.

Movement is a way to connect to our breath, to connect with our bodies, and to spend time with ourselves. I always say that exercise is my “non-negotiable” – it’s something I commit to doing every day because I know it makes me feel my best. And the holidays don’t get a pass! During this season we forget to take time for ourselves, there is just so much else going on (happy hours! holiday parties! visiting family, etc!).

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get moving when you can’t get to the gym (because you are traveling, or if you just don’t want to leave your apartment it’s dark/snowy/downright ick out). These all will have you feeling energized and ready to rock in 10 minutes or less!

Laura’s 10 Minute Leg Workout This is my favorite weekend workout when I know I’ll be running around the city and won’t be able to make it to a full yoga class.

Erin’s Say It. Sweat It. Get It. Challenge. This is a fun challenge I’m going to be doing this week! It helps me move through the holidays and I love doing Erin’s workouts over the holiday break with my mom (these challenge workouts are ONLY 5 minutes!).

– Or do this simple energizing workout from Super Sisters Fitness (and share it on Instagram!):

What’s your favorite way to exercise over the holiday season? Share with me in the comments or tag me on social media at @RobynYoukilis and #YourHealthiestYou so I can see how you are moving your booty (I need new inspiration some days too!!).

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