June 23, 2022

How I Avoid Decision Fatigue At Meal Times

I’m throwing it back old school today with one of my greatest hits! I don’t know about you, but decision fatigue is real… especially when it comes to meals. 

Enter the Rule of 5 Plate
I created this easy formula for how to build your plate to make it good gut friendly and adaptable for anything you’ve got in your fridge (well, depending how many fermented foods you have!).

Rule of 5 Plate

Here it is: 

1. Greens – for their fiber and nutrient-density

2. Cooked Veg – in addition to greens, cooked veggies make the meal feel more grounding and satisfying.

3. Protein – stabilizes your blood sugar and is essential for healthy muscles.

4. Fermented Food – for a healthy microbiome

5. Healthy fat – yummy and helps proper absorption of most vitamins and minerals

Rule of 5 Plate

This is how I built my plate using this easy template  in the picture above: I used mixed lettuce, roasted cauliflower, pre-made salmon from a local grab and go place, olive oil based dressing for the healthy fat, and Pretty in Pink Fermented Radishes from my second book. I sprinkled a little feta on top too. It doesn’t have to be complicated! 

What do you think? Could this help simplify meals for you?

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