June 24, 2021

How I Measure A Successful Postpartum Day

I measure a “successful” postpartum day by how much of it I can spend horizontal.

How I Measure A Successful Postpartum Day

In a world where we’re rewarded for a “back at it” and “look how much I can do” (I’m guilty of both by the way), I know this is the most important time to do the complete opposite.

A lot allows me this privilege (full time help, supportive husband, family), for which I am extremely grateful for, but the mindset is just as key.

How slow can I take it? 

How much can I allow my body to really heal? 

Where can I say no or that can wait?

Great questions for the 4th trimester, but also life too.

So until further notice (at least 21 days but ideally 5 weeks), you’ll find me eating, sleeping and chilling in bed or some other recliner as much as possible.

If you’re postpartum or in another kind of recovery, here are some of my top tips for healing:

  • Bone broth is one of my favorite tools for any kind of recovery. And you can make your own with my Bone Broth Recipe
  • Herbs from my acupuncturist have been incredibly helpful for me both during pregnancy and postpartum (but be sure to check with your doctor first). If you’ve never tried acupuncture before I can’t recommend it enough. There are also lots of places that do community acupuncture sessions, just look on Yelp and call around in your area! 
  • OWL Venice has some incredible Bone Broth Elixirs and Reset Cleanse programs to help with any healing process. I also love that they’re a small female owned business and shelf stable (and therefore doesn’t take up precious room in your freezer!)
  • This Chia Cake recipe from my book Go with Your Gut is also great for recovery and a quick on the go snack!

I take my postpartum recovery VERY seriously and am saving all my energy to properly heal, breastfeed around the clock, and breathe as much as possible through it all.

Birthing humans, were you able to go slow after delivery? Did you know that in most cultures around the world, mama doesn’t move for 5 weeks? So wild and amazing!

Let me know your favorite postpartum recovery tips on Instagram!

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