August 29, 2019

How I Start My Day, My Current Skincare Routine, and More

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For our Summer Hideaway at Blackberry Farm, we were joined by one of our favorite wellness experts — holistic digestive health specialist Robyn Youkilis. 

As an AADP Certified Health Coach, author, speaker, and founder of her own global health coaching practice, Your Healthiest You, Robyn is our go-to expert for gut health and nutrition. Not to mention, she makes the best sauerkraut we’ve ever tried!

We were so inspired during our time with Robyn, so we’re extra excited to share with you how she balances her busy work schedule, motherhood, and everyday rituals to curate a beautiful, well-rounded lifestyle. Instead of our usual Behind the Bathroom series, we switched things up and joined Robyn for tea in Blackberry Farm’s beautiful garden! Here’s what we discovered:

Hi Robyn! Tell us — what’s your hyphenated title? 

Mom – Health Coach – TV Host – Bestselling Author 

What is the one little thing that you do for yourself that makes you feel good everyday?

I always take a moment to check in with my intuition and ask “what do I need right now/today/this week”? I also prioritize getting my body moving — whether that’s taking a sweaty spin class, walking across the Williamsburg Bridge with ankle weights (for a little extra oomph!) or having a dance party with my daughter Navy in the living room. 

What is a key part of your daily wellness ritual (either morning or night)?

Here’s what I do most days: When I wake up, I place one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly and take a few deep breaths. I say some version of the following to myself (think Goodnight Moon, but the morning self-care edition):

“Hi, I’m awake. How lovely is that? Good morning body, good morning heart. I’ve got you. I’m here, this is me. These are my arms, this is my skin, this is my chest, this is my face. I’ve got you.” 

This moment of calm is what I call my Morning Minute. It’s time for me to connect with my mind and my body, and to get my feet grounded underneath me before the day gets ahead of me. 

How much time do you spend in the bathroom getting ready in the morning versus at night?

My routine is quick in the morning and longer at night. I only spend about 5 minutes in the morning — I have a three and a half year old so I’m always tending to things at the start of the day. I start by washing my face with the Clarifying Cleanser and then mist on the Hydrating Floral Essence. Post workout, I’ll cleanse again with the Regenerating Cleanser and apply the Hyaluronic Gel Moisturiser (which is especially lovely since it’s been a hot summer).

I spend about 10 minutes at night — I use the ritual to take time for myself and wind down. I start with a double cleanse, then apply Illuminating Eye Cream, Boosted Contouring Serum, Clarifying Moisturizer, and the Clarifying Spot Treatment if I need it. 

Would you say you are a beauty minimalist or maximalist?

On the daily, I am a minimalist … but I love getting dressed up for a night out or a big event!

Go With Your Gut was your first book — what does going with your gut mean to you?

Going with your gut is about knowing what makes you feel good right now. It’s about identifying your hell yes’s and your no thank you’s. It’s about continually checking in and knowing when you can say, “I’ll have what she’s having” and when you can affirm, “This is what I need today.” By tuning into your gut all day, every day, you’ll become clearer and clearer on what you want in your life and how to soar from that place of intuition. 

How does our gut health affect our skin?

Gut health affects everything! If you’re intolerant to foods but continue eating them, they’re likely to cause inflammation which can show up on your skin — whether in the form of rosacea, acne, or other disorders. Both the skin and the gut have a microbiome, and they talk to each other! Keeping your gut microbiome happy and balanced helps keep your skin that way, too.

Which foods are best for gut health?

I love fermented foods for gut health — they’re a great source of probiotics! Probiotics encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and even increase the concentration of important nutrients. Sauerkraut (the refrigerated kind), kimchee, and my pretty pink radishes (recipe below) are all great fermented options! Yogurt and chia seeds are also favorites of mine. 

How have you introduced beauty and self-care to your daughter Navy?

When Navy plays with my products and make-up, she will say things like “Now I’m beautiful, Mommy”. It’s important for me to teach her that she’s beautiful all the time — make-up and dresses are fun to play with but they are not what make you beautiful.

I also always inform her of how I’m taking care of myself — I am going to get a massage, I’m working out, I’m getting acupuncture. I hope that by sharing these moments with her, I am teaching her it’s as valuable to do things that take care of yourself as it is to go to work.

How do you do it all?

I don’t do it all — I have a lot of help! I’m very honest about that. I have a supportive husband, we have people who help in our home, and I have a team. I’ve learned to lean in and ask for help and be clear about what I need in the moment so I can do the things that are most important to me.

My work is full-on, my travel is full-on, my workouts are non-negotiable. I know what I want my life to look like and I recognize that these things make me who I want to be. At the same time, I regularly check in with my intuition to see if what I really need is a spin class or a nap, and I do my best to honor all of it. 

Everyone’s “do it all” looks different and it’s important not to compare mine (or anyone else’s) with your own.

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