November 13, 2015

How real change happens

Before I go into my new batch of slightly sassy health advice I wanted to take a minute to check in with you.

How are you? How have you been feeling the last few weeks or months?

Are you feeling sluggish, tired, unfocused or unproductive? Or maybe you are just feeling meh – not terrible, but not as vibrant as you think you could be.

There’s been A LOT of change happening around us this week. There was that little magical click in the air of the seasons shifting, a new moon, Wednesday was 11/11 and today is Friday the 13th!

If you’re not feeling your most energized and happiest self maybe now is the time for you to make a change as well?

Do you feel like you you really do need a change? Are you unsure if you do? If you’re ready?

Here’s an exercise I want you to try right in this moment:

Close your eyes and imagine your most brilliant version of you six months from now. What is this version of you wearing? Doing? Eating? And most importantly, how are they feeling? How is this different than your current reality?

Now, comes the big leap – how can you have this most brilliant, radiant version of yourself become your guaranteed future? How do you make this actually happen?

If you are ready to step into this “OMG YES!” version of you six months from now, I have an exclusive invitation for you.

I’ve built a space where you can get all the nerdy must know health info and support you need to become that vision. That you that you know is inside somewhere, that life that you feel meant to live but just haven’t quite gotten there yet.

I’ve created my next level of service, and if you’re ready it includes you.

Eager to learn more? Head here and read my letter to you.

My intention is for you to powerfully move into this person you KNOW you are. And I’d love to have the honor of guiding you there.

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