March 9, 2015

How to End Overwhelm with 3 Simple Tips

It’s been busy central over here at Your Healthiest You and when it gets busy I am prone to overwhelm and exhaustion just like everyone else. Over the past five years of building my business there have been many crazy launches and over the years I have learned that the best thing to do is stop “should’ing” all over yourself.

What does that mean? It means ditch your expectations and inner perfectionist and set the bar low. Whhhaaa? Yeah, you heard me right. {and Tweet that!}

Follow these three tips and you’ll be overcoming overwhelm in no time:

1. Let it be easy. Often we make things out to be a lot harder than they seem. Get out of your head. Repeat the mantra “this can be easy” or “how can these be easy” or create your own affirmation to remind yourself throughout your day (and I’ll bet you’ll actually see a few ways for it to be easy!).
2. Keep it simple. Feeling like you don’t have time for your morning routine or to get in two cups of greens each day? Keep it simple. Pare down your am routine to one high impact thing like a 2 minute meditation or writing one line in a journal. You could even try putting all your daily greens into one smoothie or eat them first thing at breakfast.
3. Hell yes” is the only yes. We all do it. We people please, overcommit, under deliver (or in my case you might be a Libra and waiver back and forth in indecision land just a teensy tiny bit…). Not only does this help in times of overwhelm but especially then, only say yes to things that are a “hell yes”.

Now I want to know, how do you overcome overwhelm? Let me know your tips in the comments below or take a pic and tag me on Instagram @robynyoukilis and #yourhealthiestyou.

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